Insight on the hiring process of KB/RC

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Thank you for posting.

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Hey they mentioned UT in this one!

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Interesting article. I wonder how liable Baylor will be if they are not forthcoming with findings in their investigations and a former coach gets caught up in a similar situation in their new positions. The victims might name both the current university and Baylor. For everyone’s sake, I hope this never is needed but I think Baylor is playing a dangerous game if they siding on the “I don’t want a libel / slander lawsuit from a former coach” rather than protecting possible future victims.


Obviously Baylor’s situation is a bit crazier than most, but by not disclosing details about former employees’ job performance (positive or negative), they’re not doing anything differently than any other employer would do or not do regarding a former employee. Everywhere I’ve been, I have advised HR to not give any details about former employees to any “reference callers”. Our society is so litigious that pretty much anything can be turned into a discrimination or libel/slander suit. The only way to avoid it is to just not say anything.

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True. This is a bit more than is he a good employee and i don’t know what the standard practice is for college coach searches. I have to assume vetting is more than confirming dates of employment.

Let’s hope it’s a non issue going forward and everyone has learned their lessons from their time at Baylor. It will benefit everyone.