Interesting stats

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Year_GP__C__Att_Yds_C% Avg Y/G _TD Int Lng QBRate
13-14 10 186 272 2535 .684 13.6 253.5 29 10 75 118.1
12-13 12 202 280 3119 .721 15.4 259.9 36 7 79 137.8
11-12 10 154 262 2547 .588 16.5 254.7 21 15 72 94.4

Year_GP__C__Att_Yds_C% Avg Y/G _TD Int Lng QBRate
15-16 14 171 254 2898 .673 16.9 207.0 43 5 80 137.1
14-15 14 204 310 3193 .658 15.7 228.1 47 3 77 135.4
13-14 14 168 255 2628 .659 15.6 187.7 36 8 86 126.4

Allen got more offers than King because of his potential as a 6-3 QB. Not because of his performance on the field. Allen fans please try to argue that Arizona high school football is more competitive than Texas high school football so we can all have a laugh.

(Butch) #2

Virtually every Blue blood school recruited Allen as a quarterback. While Arizona may not be the greatest football state, he got a lot of attention at camps and all star games. King, meanwhile, was recruited by most schools as a receiver…UH was one of the few to offer as a quarterback.
That said, I think King knows that if he has a future in the pros it will be as a receiver, not as a quarterback. But at the same time I think he will do whatever Applewhite ask of him. If he asked to play at quarterback I think he would.
That said Applewhite may not have another choice. Not sure what is happening with Allen but it appears he is done here.
I am sure the staff wants to continue to redshirt Bryson Smith, who may be better than any QB we have on campus now.
ALso don’t forget we have another stud quarterback coming in from Tyler…but unfortunately it doesn’t help us this year…

(Mark Shapiro) #3

It also doesn’t help if we don’t get receivers who can get open, or receivers who can catch, or a scheme that lets our QB throw the ball farter than 5 yards down field, etc.

(Butch) #4

Dunbar and Bonner seemed to catch the ball just fine the previous two years. And tell me who our speed receivers were the past two years under Herman? King is as fast as anyone we have had the past few years…thus the reluctance to move him to quarterback.
But I do agree with the play calling although I am not sure if it is as bad as our lack of execution…
From the looks of the kids we are redshirting and the guys Applewhite is recruiting we are bringing in more speed next year. You have to also remember the speedy kids we have lost to injuries…guys like Stevenson who would have helped stretch the field…


Ayers in 2015 was our speed guy. Had the best hands too. We can win with possession receivers, too but you have to call the right plays, and yes, they have to catch the balls and the balls have to be catchable. I like 15 yd out patterns for our WR but I don’t know if we can throw that pass accurately. Fred Biletnikoff made a living off that route. In case you’ve forgotten - " While he lacked the breakaway speed for deep pass receptions, Biletnikoff was one of the most sure-handed and consistent receivers of his day. He was also known for running smooth, precise pass routes." From Wikipedia entry.
No fast isn’t the issue, route running and catching the ball are.

(jimmyschofield) #6

Bonner is a great route runner. That’s how he catches so many balls in the middle of the field. He missed the SMU game and was a shadow of himself last week because of a concussion. Hopefully he’s back in full force this week.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

“King, meanwhile, was recruited by most schools as a receiver…UH was one of the few to offer as a quarterback.”

Then he should get a chance at QB. Especially when the other QB’s aren’t getting the job done. Two ways it could go for King. 1) He is a successful starter and plays QB through his senior year and goes the Ward route to the NFL. 2) He struggles at QB and goes back to playing wide receiver the next two years and probably still goes as an undrafted free agent because UH’s most successful wide receivers don’t exactly have a history of being drafted anyway.

So how does it hurt King, Applewhite or UH to start the guy that had the best passing numbers in high school out of all three of the current candidates?

(Butch) #8

Ayers ran a 4.8 at the combine…so he was far from being fast…

(Butch) #9

No one here said he shouldn’t get a shot at quarterback…I just noted he is very small and is injury prone…not to mention the closest thing to speed we have at receiver. I don’t know whether Allen is an option anymore. He played in three games and has sat since. Arizona and Texas Tech were no doubt the best two opponents we have played to date, so I am surprised Allen did not get a chance when Postma was having a hard time moving the chains.
I don’t know if Allen is finished as a Coog, but he sure hasn’t seen the field since being replaced by Postma against Tech.
I am all for King getting a shot at QB and then hoping he doesn’t get hurt…


I keep reading this. It is simply not true. I stood next to DK on Saturday. He is almost EXACTLY Ward’s height. And to top it off, he looks as physically solid as Greg looked his junior year.

As far as the injury bug, the knee has been an issue, however it was a freak accident that just never really healed all the way, therefore he has been susceptible. It looks vastly improved and will only get better. I’d personally reserve the "injury prone " designation at this point, and wait and see.

(Butch) #11

Ward was measured at close to 5-9 if I am not mistaken and he beefed up a little his senior year. However he played most of his career here injured, so they are similar in that fact. However, King has not played enough at quarterback for any evaluations. Maybe that will be fixed soon…


I think Ward was measured at 5-11. King is all of 5-11 right now.

I get what you’re saying. Play a QB that size and run him all over the field and he is bound to get injured. Greg injured was still better than most uninjured. I just hope we give King a look at QB. If it doesn’t work out, well, not much will have changed.

(PMM) #13

Maybe the TE’s can catch, but we will probably never know under CMA if the last 3 years are any indication !!


Unfortunately, EECOOG, I believe you are probably correct. Not sure why we haven’t used that little play we did with TyMc the previous two years, that was good for 6 four or five times a year. No creativity. Hell, the staff doesn’t even have to be creative, just reproduce what has already worked. I don’t get it.

(Mark Jacob) #15

Farter!? :joy:

(Butch) #16

Agreed…and hope he is the answer and can stay healthy…


Bad day. He’s faster than that.

(Patrick) #18

I think the decision with King comes down to how impressed you are with Bryson Smith. If Smith looks like he can be the starter next year, do you want to move King to QB or let him continue to get reps at WR to get more comfortable since that’s where he’ll be the next two years.

Smith is an athletic freak who won games in high school and has a solid arm. Can’t wait for the spring game to see him in action.



Ward was as fast as any WR the past few years, but we would have failed miserably if we had left him at WR