Interesting things said by announcers and/or game officials

Just this past weekend, I heard an official announce something like this . . . . . “Prior to the snap, holding on the defense” . . . . . some years back, I remember a television announcer say something about the grass on the playing field in reference to the “dark green” and “light green” appearance . . . . . “They fertilize it that way” . . . . . Feel free to share any that you have heard . . . . . takes the mind away from 1 - 3 . . . . .

sounds like a call that would be made in Austin against the visiting team.


False start. Offense. All the linemen except for the center.


In Austin, it is prior to the “game starting” !!

On Sean Salisbury they had these two examples they played:
“In the NFL if you lose, you can’t win.” I don’t know if it was an announcer or coach.

News reporter: “We tried to contact the man who died, but they were unavailable.”


At our kickoff game, the head ref was given two coins. One was for him to keep and one for the coin toss. He tried to flip the one still in the plastic bag


During one NFL game a long time ago the color analyst was remarking about how much time the quarterback had to throw the ball. During the replay he was counting the seconds the qb had to throw.
Problem was the replay was in slow motion. The replay guy had to point that out to him!


That center had inside information… he collaborated with somebody. I suspect the QB!

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“If the noise persists the defense will be charged a time out”

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Comment on Fox26 today . . . . . something like this . . . . . win game 7 today and get back home field advantage . . . . .

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I believe it was “The Astros have to win game 7 if they want to win the WS”.

Ben Dreith once long ago while reffing an NFL game said “Personal foul, No. 99 of the defense. After he tackled the quarterback, he was giving him the business down there”. While saying this, he was rolling his right arm to show what giving the business was.


I loved that one. A couple of refs have used it ever since.

Here’s Dreith:

Here’s Ron Cherry’s homage to Dreith:

There was a rumor that Cherry did it on a bet with other referees.


During tonight’s TCU / WV game, one of the announcers said TCU had a problem because of so many penalties, and most of them have been pre or post snap . . . . . pretty much sums up the opportunities for penalties . . . . . only leaves illegal formation ? ? ? ? ?

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Female sports announcer said “home field advantage” . . . . .

Yep. Plays under review are really holding them back. The truth has been a little hard on them.

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Don’t know if you noticed during the Tessus game today but their center was moving the ball forward almost a yard on many plays when they came to the LOS.

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So USF is down 24-0 to UCF in the 3rd quarter. As they go to a commercial, the announcer says ‘So USF is still hanging around on the road’.

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yards after the catch and run… and tackle