Interesting uniform tidbit

(gpropes) #1

This is a piece about how many college teams are wearing gray alternate uniforms.

There’s a paragraph about UH near the end - there’s an interesting tidbit in there.


I will use this as an opportunity to say I hated that we wore the black uniforms against Michigan. I’m 95% sure that is why we lost. I’m cool with alternates during the season to mix things up, but go with the school colors in the tournament when millions are watching!

(YaW00CougarFootball) #3

Making this football related, we went with the alternate logo on the helmets for each of the last two bowl games and lost both.


We should never change the logo on our helmets. I like the alternate logo, nut not on our helmets.


But deliver us to victory…


lol OMG!!! :blush:



(Tom Green) #8

Not sure if u were kidding or serious about 95% was reason they lost bec of black unis. I’ll give u the 5% benefit of doubt. Btw fwiw the Coogs were 4-0 or 5-0 this season when wearing black unis before they decided to give Mich the game n wear them again. :joy::joy::grin::grin:

(Patrick) #9

Thank the lord we didn’t go with a camo look. Usually never looks good outside of a military uniform.

PSJ throwbacks could have been interesting.


I love the idea of PSJ throwbacks… but in hindsight I’m glad they haven’t done them yet. Let’s get another tourney team or two then we can pay homage, but for now let’s keep moving forward.

Didn’t think about us not wearing red against Michigan until now, but I will admit to thinking Michigan was running onto the court for a split second when we came out because I thought I saw dark blue.


Especially if shorts were also retro length.


I get the feeling Cory Davis would be down with those.

(Ben) #13

Personally did not care for the black unis, fb or bb. In fb, with the red #'s, it is too difficult for this old coog to know who was who once the play began . . . . .

(gpropes) #14

They aren’t throwback uniforms unless the shorts are nut-huggers.


John Stockton :joy: