Into the Lion's Den

(Ben) #1

Looks to me like the coach has decided to throw King into the Lion’s Den. Looking forward to next year . . . . . Not sure this is the game for King to begin his QB career in . . . . .


He may not be prepared but let’s see how he reacts.


There we go again we have no outside containment.

(Ben) #4

Looks like the O line blocks better for Car than any of our other backs . . . . . or is Car that quick and strong


Remember King was supposedly going start the season until he got injured


Ward has retired god save the KING!


I’m glad Applewhite finally figured out what many of us knew all along, that King should be the QB. He’s electric. King and Car are a good combination in the backfield. .

(Eric Prado) #8

He didn’t figure it out. He was hurt all preseason.


Hated King in high school because He would kill us just like this all the time. Love him for UH