Ipf used for gamday tailgating


Rows of tables?

Impressive crowd, but that isn’t a tailgate.


The hell it isn’t.

Where Can We Tailgate at Autzen Stadium?

One treasured tradition is the tailgate party held every game day at The Mo (Moshofsky Center). Food and drink, pregame radio broadcasts and the marching band, cheerleaders and football team parading down the center aisle elevate Duck fever before those home games.


For the IPF to become a tailgating hub like the old concrete slabs outside of Robertson, they need a few “anchor tenants.”

Like the H Association. And Bauer.

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Have to agree with red80. That looks more like a beer hall (which I’m ok with) than a tailgate. With all the construction and parking garages, the UH tailgate has suffered imo.

Think Munich Octoberfest Cougar tailgate style


Does not appear to be a tailgate in our traditional fashion. More like that “Fan Zone(?)” type thing they had before the Peach Bowl. I doubt you’ll see pits rolling into the IPF, but if this is something that gets the crowd going, I am all for it. Please just be in your seats before our boys hit the field.

This is a great idea. Thank you for posting.


Slick…just received a promo code for 2 free passes to the first event. Will be fun to check out.


The announcement says:

“RedZone closes 30 minutes prior to kickoff to allow fans to cheer on the Cougars inside TDECU Stadium.”



looks incredible

This ought to be a hit. Any word on what food will be available? Will there be plenty of seats? This could be a good way to beat traffic and get the necessary pregame activities all in one spot.

This should bring tailgate village back to life.

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I know it is not tailgate village but there is Party on the Plaza along Cullen. One Alum can bring as many guests as they want to bring. We attended the Bauer Alumni tent last year for the Thursday games and for $10 - $12 per person (I think that was the price) they had beer, other beverages and food. Better and less expensive than in the stadium.

I want to make something like this.

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Yep. Got my passes today. It will be interesting to see what exactly is happening in the IPF. Guess I’ll have to split time between there and our setup at Party on the Plaza.

We got our passes. I think it is a great idea for folks who don’t belong to a tailgate group and it is in an air conditioned building. However, as with anything UH does, I do have my concerns on how things are going to go. Long food lines, 2 beer stations, workers not trained and confused on what to do, long line to the bathrooms etc… I am also concerned about keeping the facility clean from beer spills on the turf etc…


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