Is a power 5 conference enough for us to get our Nick Saban/Bob Stoops?


Is that all we need for coaches to stay? What else is missing? If successful, do we really see Applewhite staying here all the way through realignments (2023-2025)?


PSU got Franklin from Vandy, a P5 school. So there are P5 launching pad schools too. It isn’t just a G5 or AAC thing. Saban left LSU for Bama, too. Meyer Florida for The OSU, etc. Everyone has their dream job.

(Mike) #3

Saban left LSU for Miami Dolphins


It can be argued that Tom Herman may have stayed if UH made it to the Big 12. You can win championships in a P5 and UH would be in contention any year.


Jack Pardee left us for the Oilers. I would consider the SWC to be a P5 conference.

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I think getting into the Big 12 would just have delayed the departure of our ex-coach but he would still have left. He is not patient enough to stay and build a program. His ego would have demanded that he pursue success at a program that simply has more resources and an easier path to the playoffs.


Oops , forgot about that. But maybe it was part of a grand scheme to get the 'bama job, seeing as he’s a genius and all:wink:


UT is Herman’s dream job. Only chance for him to stay here would have been for Strong to have some good years . My opinion.


I agree that UT is Herman’s dream job but even had Texas not been open last year he was gone. Remember that he was negotiating with LSU just in case he didn’t get the job in Austin.


Without P5 membership every successful coach at UH is a short-timer IMO. We’re the Davey stop on the way to the big $$$ and resources of the bigger P5’s of the world. Get the young, proven hard chargers, slay the Goliaths…rinse and repeat. Once the P5 membership and it’s perks arrive, all bets are off, as we will be a national power


Being in the AAC is the next thing to the P5. It is clearly ahead of the others. UH has a lot of cache across the country (I know as i am somewhere every week). If the money/incentives is right, top 25 ranking each year, a bowl and more specifically a Big 6 bowl each year may be enough. Most P5 schools can’t fo that.

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Yep, the former coach was out the door no matter what. He even said in an interview during last season that it would be tough for the Coogs to enter the Big 12 because of the talent level and basically made it sound like he wanted no part of it.

Remember, he was close to taking the South Carolina job the year before as well and he had been talking to his coaches about other jobs. CMA mentioned during an interview after being hired about how the former coach had talked to him about the LSU job when it opened up.


But Saban left Michigan state for LSU. There are only about 10-15 schools that are destination jobs and those are the biggest name P5 schools, all others are more than likely stepping stones (unless you get a rare find like Gary Patterson which most coaches aren’t).

Les miles left ok state for LSU, the current Nebraska coach came from Oregon state, the toad left Pitt for asu, rich rod left his alma mater and Home state of West Virginia for Michigan, bilema left Wisconsin for Arkansas and the list goes on and on. Being a stepping stone is just a matter of life for most programs, p5 or not

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It will put us in a position to take coaches like Herman from schools like UH But we will still lose our coaches to the blue bloods of college football. Until we can compete with their budgets. Making it to P5 will not automatically make us rich, upgrade our facilities or increase our attendance to 90k a game but it will help.

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What would be interesting would be to see the data set of coaching changes the past 10 years. I would bet heavily it’s tilted towards G5 (non bcs) schools getting raided.

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Nope but we could keep a Applewhite.


I think having so many great athletes in the greater Houston area would be attracting to any coach if we were in a P-5. That’s another reason we were blocked from the Big 12. We are a serious threat if we can tell all of these guys that they can stay home and play for NC’s. Think about how many elite D-1 guys leave the city each year. We would dominate recruiting in college football. The Big 12 knew it then, and they know it now.

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No matter what conference we were in, Herman’s dream job was at UT.


Remember, the Lying Coach was not long for UH as he was interviewed for the S. Carolina gig only six months into his first year with us!!

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I think the NFL is Herman’s dream job. If he is successful at Texas, he will be gone to the NFL within 3 years.