Is it true? Texas Tech football: David Gibbs; Brandon Jones join Houston staff

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His board is very well-moderated. Not sure where you get that from. He frequently steps in to delete posts and sends PMs to members. It’s one of the more civil boards I have encountered. Not sure what to say about the Scout Network. I have no interest in defending or attacking it. I would guess they made a purely business decision, whatever it was. The more Cougar boards the better, IMO, and I’m glad Coogfans is going strong. I’m not suggesting anyone leave this site for that one. I visit both most days. And every major college has at least one premium site like his; Texas has like four or five. Pray does a great job here of providing in-depth information.

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Sam, I think @Coogfans2ndAdmin is talking about 247’s free board. Also, Sellers did have a hand in us getting kicked off of Scout so there’s some bad blood there. I don’t subscribe to him because of that, but I’ve heard many say that his sources are good on stuff like this. Good to know that he’s finally dedicated himself to actually doing the legwork instead of trying to sit back and collect money for doing the bare minimum like he was doing before (that isn’t meant to be an insult; most that have been around awhile know that Sellers didn’t used to be dedicated to the Coogs. Glad he’s turned over a new leaf for the Coogs that follow him).

I do agree that it’s good to see more coverage; there are at least 3 premium UH boards now in existence so we’re moving up in the world. Coogfans isn’t planning on going premium anytime soon and we’ll continue to do what we do as there is a niche for it.

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@SamHouston1, yes the free board. At one point it was overrun with trolls and name-calling. I could go into detail but there is no point, let’s just say we were not treated well whether it was a “business decision” or not.

Now back to the thread topic maybe?


I only visit two boards these days…

Sellers for the scoop and this one.

Rivals while I believe their ratings are closer to reality (cause I DO believe in stars) seems to be losing ground and the newest one on the block which I chose not to renew recently because frankly they have less of the so called “insider content” than what I think Coach & Patrick presently post here.

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So does Gibbs go to the Cardinals?

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Maybe as a DB coach. Kliff better get on the phone with Greg Williams.


I went at it with Sellers as well. I never acknowledged him until now. I used to fight with his cronies.


I think Sellers is doing more work because he got hired by 247 to give his crystal ball predictions, etc…

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Can we stop with the Sellers talk please and get back to the thread topic? Thanks…

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Gibbs may or may not come, probably not; Jones will be here. Not much more to say on that subject.

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Yep. Shannon Dawson is a good bet for QBs/OC or co-OC. TE coach is apparently still up in the air. We likely won’t know more about the rest of the defensive staff until we get our DC.


I wish all the coogs were one single board

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I would love to have Carrier, Blackwell and Belk come over from Holgo’s WVU staff. Jones feels pretty likely to happen as others have said, simply because it appears UNC has moved on.

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I don’t get the I got the info first deal. I mean I used to but these days social media changes everything. I could care less if I got inside info 5 minutes before others. Just dsnt tickle my fancy anymore. But to each his own.

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I have to think Gibbs is not DH’s first couple of choices.


WE better get on the phone with Greg Williams. :sunglasses:


I feel like the Gibbs announcement may have been more tied to Applewhite. He was likely Applewhite’s choice and now Holgorsen is reviewing that option.


I’m torn. I want CDH to bring in the best assistants he possibly can, so I don’t want him to rush that process. On the other hand, I WANT SOME ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!