Is Major Going to Hire

(Bill Goodman) #1

a 10th coach that is now allowed and what position will he coach?


special teams! Applewhite handled special teams this year and a head coach has way too much to do than try to be a position coach, and our special teams weren’t very special this year.

(zx504) #3

James Casey was given special teams this year at some point.


special teams coach… or offer bryan carrignton some BS position to get him back … he seems to be the life blood of hermans recruiting in UH and UT…and he kept all our guys committed when herman left before he eventually followed him to UT

(Patrick) #5

10th coach can’t be hired until after the playoffs are over. Have to wait and see if anybody else is poached from the staff to fill that 10th spot at other schools.

My guess is that it will be a special teams coordinator/position coach role sort of like Levine was special teams/inside receivers for Sumlin. I’d also expect someone currently within the program to be “promoted” into that role.


I would imagine if it’s not a special teams coach it’l probably be a second secondary coach. Right now we basically run a 3-3-5 almost exclusively and Jennings coaches all the d backs. I’m not sure if he coaches the nickel back but if he does that’s 5 guys he coaches. Most teams split their secondary coaching between safeties and corners and I could see that happening here