Is the football staff set?

Seems CoachV indicated we MAY be looking for a RB coach even though our current guy did not get the Alabama gig.

And Jamie Roots tweeted he’s coming here?

I’m pretty sure the coaching business is different but most businesses cut anyone loose who’s looking for another job


To teach, not to coach or work with the football program

Are we sure he doesn’t want to start a football coaching career in his mid 50’s after almost three decades as an exec?

He won a Natty at Clemson in soccer

There’s only 2 things Rootes can’t do, fly & breath underwater

If you bail out on your employer and you miss your other boat it usually does not bode well for you.


The answer is uh, no

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That’s ridiculous! The coaching industry has lost its way.

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Athletes started this behavior in the mid 1970’s with the Andy Messersmith case and the MLB players’ union led by Marvin Miller . This is the new way of life in sports

Different things. If you’re a MLB, NFL or NBA coach, you honor the contract unless the team grants you permission to go elsewhere.

That could be done in the NCAA by each individual school. But there is expense in bringing these things to court, and good luck hiring new coaches when the time comes. Unless everyone is going to enforce these contracts, nobody will.

This is why you see the prevalence of buyouts now. The contracts are pretty much not enforced or unenforceable in fact (not in law), so you do the best you can and try to get a few bucks out of a coach leaving.

Moreover, athletes in the pro leagues only fought for free agency. Before free agency, the player could not contract with another team unless the first team assented (which doesn’t seem too capitalistic). They fought for and got the right to look elsewhere after they completed their contract. They still have to complete the contract. Very different things.


I dont know details, but assume we must have a lot of buyout money with 3 cb coaches breaking contract so quickly. Would think our next cb coach would essentially be paid from buyout money.

I would be surprised if contracts were signed and approved by Board of Regents in the time period we announced and they left.

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What this says to me is CDH knows good coaches and can find them. It also says we got better dealed several times which, while it sucks, is an indication we are after the right people.

He somewhat states that in the article then he takes it back by saying it feels like bad luck for us.

Keep it up CDH! You are doing the right stuff.


I haven’t heard of anyone putting buyouts in assistant contracts.

These are usually (though not always) one-year contracts. I doubt anyone really put a lot of thought into assistants moving around this much. But maybe that’s coming next.

No one wants to prohibit an assistant coach his chance at moving up in his career. Coaching is a hard enough career without someone having a lid clamped on their opportunity. They, and their families, sacrifice a whole lot to have those chances.

I agree, and you’ll have a hard time attracting the next up and comer who is just about to move up to a coordinator or from coordinator to head coach. They won’t sign anything that limits their mobility–unless everyone demands the same sort of guarantees. And I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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