Is The Point Spread Dropping?


Yes, end of thread.


Saw this in that article. Is this true?

Houston begins its season of the favorites to win the American Athletic Conference this season at +100, even as four other conference programs opened 2019 with wins.


Shhhh…we don’t want the world to know yet…Just keep it below the radar and let SMU/Memphis/UCF soak in all that preseason glory…


The spread has fallen to 4.5. Why?

Because the money is going to Houston to cover.

Just a rumor, but just heard from a Baylor “insider” that several Baylor players (offense) may be out because of an apartment damage issue where charges might be filed. Not normally a rumor guy, but the source has been credible in the past.

Harris filed a civil lawsuit Aug. 20 against three of his former tenants, Bravvion Roy, an All-Big 12 defensive tackle and a sixth-round draft pick with the Carolina Panthers; Deonte Williams, who transferred to Florida State; and T.J. Franklin, a starting defensive end on this year’s team.

Abram Smith, John Lovett and Trestan Ebner were the tenants of the other unit, and they are all still with the football team.

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Thanks for the background. I was told that the three might be out.

Sounds like two of them aren’t even on the team. One went pro and another transferred.

I look at it as progress from raping coeds to just trashing apartments. The BU team is working toward becoming law abiding, civilized people. Who knows in the next 50 or 100 years, they may be normal human beings.


Smith, Lovett, and Ebner still show on the roster. They are the players who might not be playing.

I knew you all would have the scoop.

Lovett appears to be their starting running back on their depth chart.

On one of the betting videos posted, a guy said the line dropped pretty fast after just a few bets so he thought the line really wasn’t 7.5-8.5.

Both bettors thought that the new Baylor staff coupled with no spring practice and impact from Covid make it hard to pick Baylor. Additionally, one guy said Rhule may have done the best coaching job in the country last year relative to the win total. They were very opportunistic and poised even when using their 3rd or 4th QB’s last year. Rhule is now in the NFL. I am hoping for a close game, but the COVID stuff makes it really hard to guage how prepared the teams are based on what I saw last weekend.


Thanks for the input. My optimism is growing.

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They probably goofed and looked at Basketball.


2019 is the give away! We are in 2020…who can forget.

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Coogs were picked 7th for this year. No divisions with UCONN moving on.

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The Score has Baylor on upset alert, calls Houston “a sleeping giant“. Other publications have us winning or a tight game in either direction.


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