Is there a chance that

the absence of numbers from last scrimmage and the absence of a two deep roster is just to keep UTSA guessing? There is a big difference for preparing to defend against Postma, Allen or King. Any thoughts?


Michigan is doing the same vs Florida.

It is possible, but IMO CMA is not giving KA any hand outs. I agree with him, but we are two weeks away from Kick off. It is certainly possible that they already established this in the building. It has been quiet lately. Maybe I am just salty from watching BoB’s messy QB management with the Texans the past few years. #Scars

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Agree. Why tip your hand even if the QB role is already decided? And if it isn’t, nothing to say anyway until you’re ready to announce who it is.

I mean sure there is a chance. And this may be the case, I hope it is or what this means no QB has separated himself. Granted O wouldn’t think it matters for UTSA we should not have to use any gamesmanship on these guys.

New head coach, new offense, new defense, new QB, new defensive backfield, first game and on the road. It’s fine for you not to be worried but if Applewhite isn’t worried then that would make me worried.


“nervous is what you feel when you’re not prepared”-coach concussion :joy:

Major said he was keeping the decision of starting QB as a tactical advantage so I’m sure that is what he is thinking. Very Belichikian. I like it… use every advantage possible! One more week Coog Fans!

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