Is there an benefit to "Hosting" the NCAA tournament?

I was there. I believe that Lefty acknowledged our fans booing him by displaying his middle finger as he left the court.

Another thing I remember. We beat a scrappy, but out-manned Lamar team at the same NCAA Summit segment of the tournament. Their coach was Pat Foster. Their point guard and best player was Alvin Brooks. (Little did we know ….)


Well said Dave :wink:

Haven’t had time to look it up so I’ll do this from memory. I believe that might have been an earlier SWC tournament. Mike Schmidt was our 6’8” Center. After we beat Arkansas the conference blocked future tournaments from being in Houston. That part I’m clear about. Just not sure about NCAA part. Feel free to correct me. :smirk:

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I Believe you are talking about Mike Schultz.We beat ranked Texas and Arkansas on consecutive night.
Remember well the Hogs missing crucial free throws with only seconds left.
We got the second rebound and Cecil Rose dribbled to the top of the circle and after that nothing but net and a frenzied group of Coog players and fans.
That was one of the loudest ending I have ever seen or heard


Another benefit to the school is in opportunities for our students. They can apply for internships to work on planning the event. Looks really good on your resume if you are interested in event planning, marketing or sports operations.


like i i noted in the OP…idaho is the “host” for the games in washington…not any of the schools in washington…all the washington schools valued home court advantage over hosting


Those Wash schools should have taken the $$ and the exposure based on how their seasons are going!! :laughing::wink:

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The guy shooting the free throw was one of the “Triplets” Ron Brewer. He was an 80% free throw shooter. He was shooting a 1-1 and hit the back end of the hoop and what followed was tremendous. Something I can never forget. A buzzer beater for sure!

gonzaga is going to benefit…the games are in Spokane, Washington…Gonzaga is in Spokane Washington…
gonzaga is a virtual lock to have their 1st 2 games in the tournament as home games


Yep. I was thinking more of UW.

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Btw I thought the South region UH is hosting was for Sweet16 and Elite8 gms like UH was in KC last year to play. So is it 1st two rds or next two rds Houston site is Regional for. Too lazy to look up.

yeah we are a sweet 16 host…but you cant play in any bracket where there is a potential for you to host

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We played Lamar in Hofheinz early in the 82-83 season. I believe it was the finals of a tourney we hosted. It wasn’t the Kettle Classic brcsuse I believe it was late November or early December. Pat was the Lamar coach but I think Alvin had already graduated

Correct. Thanks.

I was there for that one too, Butch. It was magical. Probably the best Cougar game I ever saw in person.

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Let’s get past the “if’s” on seeding. Minimally and worst case scenario UH is a 7. Sadly that’s about the same as an 8.

However with a current NET of 19 we’re almost guaranteed a 6 seed, with 2 big games left plus the AAC tournament. Lots of chances to blow it, but this team seems to gradually be getting it together. A 5-seed (5X4=20>19) is not out of the question.

Schultz. Senior moment. Still one of the all-time great Cougar basketball game. Back in the days when we could fill a 16,000 seat arena too.

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