Isaiah Johnson post practice




(Midwest Coogs Fan) #3

LOVED watching that take on practice and the emphasis on
“the season” not just competing against each other.

(Cristian) #4



I wonder how he feels about Tom Herman’s practice methodology? I couldn’t really figure out how he felt.


I/we should be pleased with this message. Excitement is coming our way.

(Dan) #7

That was great. We’re gonna need a daily recap from Isaiah now. Please and thank you.



(PortlandCoog) #9

That was one of the best player updates I have ever seen. Really cool.


We’ve got natural grass again?!? Hells yeah!!! Even if it’s just on the practice fields, I’ve always preferred the real stuff. :slight_smile:

(PortlandCoog) #11

I think the raitonale was to practice on what we would play on on a certain week, but apparently the turf in August is scorchingly hot.

Is their turf or grass in the IPF (silly question maybe, but I dunno… I assume it’s turf)?

(Patrick) #12

Turf. One of the outdoor practice fields was switched over to grass this offseason to give the team 2 turf fields and 2 grass fields.

(Patrick) #13

Just watched this…Isaiah will make a good coach once his playing days are over if that’s the direction he wants to head in.