ISO Wichita State Tickets

(Jay C.) #1

Have two guys I want to bring with me for their first Cougar basketball game. Anybody have any unused tickets I can take off your hands?

(J V ) #2

Has the game sold out?

(Jay C.) #3

All that is available through the ticket office are club seats and obstructed view behind the basket. Was hoping to buy some unused tickets from a Coog before heading to Stubhub and pay the ridiculous fees.


Yeah, 4 directly behind the basket on top row and 12 in the Club at $130.00 each. Sadly, there are over 600 tix for resale on Stubhub. It’ll be a lot of fun regardless, but i hope most of those sell as well.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #5

Last I saw there were 22 left through UH site.
Still quite a few on and

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #6

7 left from UH

(Chris) #7

The prices for decent seats on StubHub really aren’t too bad.

(Jay C.) #8

The listed prices aren’t bad at all, but don’t forget you have to add $13/ticket for “service & fulfillment” fees,

(J V ) #9

Yeah, I see your point $130.00 a seat is steep.


Whatever happened to TicketMaster? Are they still around? Just curious.

(Tom Green) #11

Merged w Live Nation about 8 yrs ago. Under name Live Nation Entertainment I think.


Last weekend I checked the UH site and the cheapest seats were in the $130 range. Went to Vivid, Seatgeek and Stubhub and there were a lot of seats in the $20-40 range. Not sure why these secondary sites have so many seats and UH’s site doesn’t have any. I know we want to promote season ticket sales but why not keep some less expensive seats on our own site? Do we sell them to all these other sites to get broader exposure in the market?

(Tom Green) #13

These seats available in secondary market were bought by StubHub in most cases b4 season even began. It’s been going on for long time. That’s their business, buy at cheapest $ possible n resale of course. Of course they have many fees added to ea ticket .UH sold every ticket available whether directly to consumer or batch to secondary market…they can officially announce-- Sold Out!

(David) #14

Ticket holders put their tickets on StubHub to sell. StubHub is not buying up tickets as far as I know. They make their money off the transaction - it’s not cheap but they are a recognizable name in the biz so I will pay them their fees when I sell my tickets.

There might be some investors out there who bought some tickets but to get near the court they had to have the CP points to select seats before others so seats near the court are Cougar fans trying to recoup some of their season ticket + donation. And Wichita St had the best fan support last year at TSU and I expect the same this season.

(Tom Green) #15

There’s the resell part also as you just mentioned where someone will buy tickets n then sell them to StubHub etc., but there also situation where Co’s like StubHub buy block of ticks for every gm basically buying season tiks for different teams/Sports so they csn sell them on the open market at hopefully a markup based on demand. I can assure you the 600+ or so tiks they have available for every UH basketball are not coming from fans who want to resell their ticket. You saw in the 2016 UH Football season coming off Peach Bowl win where StubHub n others purchased season tickets to resell . Several ways they run their business to sell tickets and chg fees of course.


I don’t think StubHub buys tickets, but there are ticket brokers out there who do this on varying scales. I think there are also cases where the school actually lists tickets directly on StubHub, especially now that so many people use that as their first method of trying to get tickets.

Getting people to buy season tickets can be tough, because there are always good tickets available for individual games. Always.

(Tom Green) #17

Well more likely the option you mention where the brokers bought tiks from UH beginning of season and resale through stubhub. I just know UH received the revenue for all tiks to announce ‘Sold Out’.

(David) #18

(J V ) #19

Just the cynical side of me. What would stop UH from putting tickets on Stub Hub trying to sell them for a premium, then if it is not looking like it will happen they release the tickets on the UH site? Just curious if there is a correlation between the release of blocks of seats on the UH site and a sudden decrease of tickets on the secondary market?

(David) #20

Haven’t done basketball on StubHub but football listings expire at a certain time an hour or so before kickoff.