It is sad and awesome at the same time

Watching this year’s Astros is awesome but sad at the same time. I have been watching Houston sports for a longtime. I have lived and died with every team other than the Texans (but loved the Oilers). This year’s Astros, if they win the World Series, is one of the great baseball teams of all time. Probably in the top 5 of all time. So it is somewhat sad to realize I will never see a better Astros team and more than likely never see a better pro team in Houston.

But I have other sports bucket list items:

  • Coogs win a basketball natty. I think I will see that.
  • Coogs become a permanent fixture in football top 25
  • Our fan support for football grows so that we have to expand TDECU to 55,000
  • P5 or AAC grows to P6. I would prefer the latter, I personally love the AAC conference and the schools in it.
  • Rockets Win another championship.
    -NHL comes to Houston

Legit bucket list. I’m going to copy it and say I would like the same.


I don’t think the Astros situation is sad at all.

We are all blessed to see one of the most talented pro baseball teams ever assembled, and they represent HOUSTON!

Enjoy the ride and appreciate that you are alive to see it!


I think this is the best opportunity the Astros will have to win a championship. The window of opportunity is the highest its ever been. They need to take advantage and I think they will. They’ll be good in the future but Cole most likely won’t be back and neither will Miley. Time to take it back.


Sad only in the sense that I will never see a better baseball team in my life. I am a huge baseball fan and have watched a lot of teams. This Astros team is better than the Big Red Machine (better pitching), better than the Swinging A’s (better lineup), better than the Mantle Ford Yankees, slightly better than the Jeter Yankees (less steroids).


Did you cry when Old Yeller died?:sunglasses:


It was allergies.


Please do not compare the Astros with these other Teams. Love the Astros but we have got to keep winning World Series titles before we get there.

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FINALLY! Someone agrees with me on the AAC.


Agree with the list and think you will cross all of those out and have to make a new one in 2025.

Gerrit Cole is gone, I get your point.

Cut me, Mick…

Didn’t they already win one !!

You don’t know that. Did you know that we’d have this team after 3 100 loss seasons? The future is uncertain.

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They did. If they want to win another one, this is their best opportunity, IMO.


Coogs win CWS is my add to list

We need to get there…and soon


I won’t miss this guy at all.Got a little “Giles” in him.

I wish we had the pitching of the 90’s Atlanta Braves: Smoltx, Mattux, & Glavine. We have two of the three…but the former were lights out and shut down…3 pitchers…


Sorry for sounding like a smart ass with the Ole Yeller reply. I share some of your sentiments.

With that, I like to listen to games on the radio. Forget the exact quotes but the Astros accomplished (Total games won in a 3 year period) something that hasn’t been done in almost 50 years. Which is awesome I might add.

But if I recall correctly, the previous ‘record setter’ did not win the World Series.

Baseball oddity.

This Astros team is NOT as good as the 2017 team…Hitting about the same, though 2017 team much hotter at years end for playoffs than this team is…That team had 4 rock solid starters in Verlander, McCullers, Keichel, and Morton. This team has 2, and 2 isnt enough. Relief pitching is the one area better, and i hope they can manage it. This team was put together to beat the Yankees, who do NOT have dominant pitching…but Tampa was put together to beat Houston and the Yankees, with dominant starters and relievers to go along with good hitting and a real home field advantage…Cole needs to shut out Tampa or hold them to 1 run…Then we have good chance to win…2 runs or more for Tampa? PROBLEMS for Astros who CANNOT hit Tampa pitching…
As to regular season wins, who cares??? Ask the 54 Indians how that worked out for them…