Italy summer tour/Exhibition games Updated

4 scrimmages:
Stella Azzurra Academy- Aug 9th 1:30 p.m. (CDT) in Rome,
BC Silute - 1:30 p.m. CDT, Aug. 12 in Florence, Lithuania
LCC International University- 11:30 a.m. CDT, Aug. 13 in Florence, Lithuania
Italian Select team- 1 p.m. CDT, Aug. 15 Como

no pro teams so unlikely we get blownout in any…all are at great american times, so if its streamed it wont be at crazy hours (if you have access to a computer at work)

now we all cross our fingers and hope the games are streamed


Is the Italian select team not their country team or a pro team? BC is a pro team

neither …whoever is likely putting the event together likely just put a team together with the best local player he could and they will just play under the team label “Italy”…

certain foreign trips where there arent that many teams to have exhibitions with like the bahamas…all 4 exhibitions are with Bahamian select teams

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Really good season for this with the leadership we graduated.

Are all the games at the same arena?

the middle 2 are… 3 different arenas

Stella Azzurra Academy roster

BC Silute Roster

International University Lithuania

Italian Select
They can be playing anyone here.
The link is just some stats from the Italian league.

Random updates from things on the internet:

  • don’t expect too competitive games, 3 teams already started their rotation with our opponents in italy, 1 surprising close game but the rest were crazy blowouts

  • very limited wifi- central Arkansas who surprisingly puts out a lot of video content including 8 min game highlights noted they had very bad wifi throughout their trip… Took 2-4 Hours to upload 7min highlights on YouTube…they had limited live game coverage on socials and told fans to give them a day or 2 to put out highlights

  • the last 3 games have very little chance of being streamed (almost none), the 1st has game has an AMAZING chance if pursued … Stella’s arena is already fully equipped to stream and they already have a site to broadcast the stream for free.
    Minnesota and Nebraska the last 2 nights were streamed through that site.(which both teams announced last minute)

  • I’m not sure if Stella is offering or if teams are asking but if brought to the attention of our staff, we should have a great chance to see game one tomorrow…

  • note we might not actually be playing Stella, Stella scheduled a bunch of games in their arena with college teams (20 total/8 of which are female tho), but according to stella’s Twitter they posted a schedule and we don’t technically play them. The tweet said we play the roseto sharks but in their arena ( I’m not sure if it’s a fatigue thing or some pro league limitation) …Its still in Stella’s arena but might be a new team different than the 3 earlier college teams had played


There have arrived & hit the town.

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Day & Date Time (CDT) Opponent Arena Location
Friday, Aug. 9 1:30 p.m. Stella Azzurra Academy Arena Altero Felici Rome
Monday, Aug. 12 1:30 p.m. BC Silute (Lithuania) Palazzetto Sandro Pertini Ponte Buggianese
Tuesday, Aug. 13 11:30 a.m. LCC International University (*Lithuania) Palazzetto Sandro Pertini Ponte Buggianese
Thursday, Aug. 15 1 p.m. Italian Select Palazzetto Costa Masnaga Costa Masnaga


Day & Date Event
Friday, Aug. 9 Tour of Vatican City, Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel
Saturday, Aug. 10 Tour of Roman Forum and Colosseum
Sunday, Aug. 11 Tour and food tasting in Siena
Monday, Aug. 12 Tour of Pisa
Tuesday, Aug. 13 Tour of Florence, including Accademia Gallery and Michelangelo’s The David
Wednesday, Aug. 14 Orientation tour of Milan and visit to The Last Supper
Thursday, Aug. 15 Tour of Como
Friday, Aug. 16 Boat tour of Lake Como

looks like stella azura just posted it on Instagram…we are playing their higher tier affiliate the roseto sharks

  • note italy pro ball has 3 tiers (think nba/g-league dynamic but 3 instead of 2)…stalla acdemy is tier 3, the sharks are their tier 2
    so we should be getting a really good opponent

I knew one of the Americans you played for Silute a couple years ago, he was not very good, they have a low budget. Plus I highly doubt the Americans are there yet. If we are playing the Roseto Sharks instead of Stella Azzzurra today, it will be a tougher game and the biggest challenge. We should still dominate all these games.

we are the 1st ones playing the sharks so we wont know for sure how they translates to d1…but their roster has multiple former all conference players from mid-majors who are now older
i wouldnt be surprised if we lost…based on roster alone

stella academy has played 3 so far, blownout by a projected horrible team, and a projected good team…but also a surprising close game with a projected good team

intersting enough the likely only game with a chance to be streamed will likely be thenly one that could be competitive…i really really hope stella provides a stream like they did for nebraska and minnesota

They actually have 5, Serie A is one of the best leagues in Europe and A2 is one of the best 2nd divisions in Europe. Serie B is their league for developing Italian players with no pro Americans. Serie C is kind of like semi-pro with some low salary Americans playing with Italian players who probably have a full time job. Serie D is no Americans, just local Italians, pretty much semi-pro.

Roseto signed Khadeem Lattin (OU/G-League/Houston native) as one of their imports, but not sure if he is out there yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just their Italian players playing.

no stream :-/ unlikely any will be streamed…

curious why minn and nebraska got to stream theres and we cant… unless we are purposely choosing not to