Italy summer tour/Exhibition games Updated

They’re going to create havoc.

So Sunshine is now part of the team’s staff? A new GA?


Boston College has a school in Lithuania? That’s odd!

Yes Goesling is here as a GA.

It.seems everyonenon the roster was given the opportunity to stand out at some point during the 4 games.

Have to say though my confidence is Grimes be granted a waiver has gone down considering he left for a reason that has not officially happened yet.


I think I will take CKS opinion about Caleb Mills offensive game. He said he is the kind of player you want to have the ball in hands at the end of the game.

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Not sure what that has to do with anything with our conversation…
I said he was an very good driver, but isn’t as a good of a shooter like originally anticipated

I would understand your comment if Sampson said he would want the ball in Caleb’s hands if you had to make a 3 … that’s not what he said… not sure how that even relates.

I think you need to be more specific with your words, pesik. It’s pretty hard trying to figure out what you’re trying to say most of the time :joy:.

Like you thought Caleb was going to be a “top shooter” but he’s not. Is he average, below average or just pretty good but not great ?! You also have to consider on your analysis that the college three point line was move further back into international range. It seems it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment period for any player. Good thing these games are in August and not November/December when the games really count and by then, you could really make a real judgement on their development.

You don’t see any other member put too much stock into a particular skill set like you do, just out of games played overseas with tired legs from walking who knows how many miles per day and in between games from sight seeing and jet lag. You’re pretty funny, tho :thinking: lol.


Like coach said before we went to Italy…that the best thing about the trip was getting extra practices.


Good thing Sasser did not have his 0-7 in games or he would be a bust.


so you took what i said, made a ridicuslous comparison and then pretended that was similar to what i said???

i didnt say anything about bust, nor did i base anything solely off 1 game…
despite the memory of some of the posters here, we have had talks here about caleb being the best shooter among eligible players…or before grimes came here, mills having to start as he is only eligible player likely to be a great shooter to spread the floor …in this very thread there are talks of him being a standout shooter (when we had the mills vs sasser talk)

i say mill looks to be a very good drivers but doesnt look to be the great shooter we were anticipating… in the next post when people (you & someone else ) came at me for saying that i said i noticed something early but wasnt sure…but all the game confirmed it…mills isnt a confident shooter that shoots contested 3, he tends to only shoot it when he is open (unlike like armoni or other shooters we’ve had)…and i said i watched te 3rd game…the person defending mills did not respect him as a shooter and just left him open ALL game …he’d stand 5feet from mills with his arm down every time he got the ball (daring him to shoot)…and he went 1-8 on open 3s with time to set up his shot
here at 22sec & 45sec mark it shows how mills and alley were defended all game

i never said mills was a bad shooter ANYWHERE…just not to the level we expected

ive noted i think tyson is the best shooter on roster…i said he was the best shooter when he went 0-7 in the red and white scrimmage… i said im just not sure how he’ll create his shot versus better defenders, because i know all 7 were contested shoots …

Former manager of the great 1967 team recently told me about their preseason tour of South America. 21 games in 27 days. Brought the team to another level.


Coach said that Mills is his best offensive recruit. I would assume that means that he can create his own shot better than Rob Gray. I would not assume that means that he’s a great shooter. Big difference.

So what did we expect?
And what should we expect now?

Heavily rolls eyes

RW makes hard judgments on Sunshine as a shooter on his only 40 attempts in his UH career total

also RW; how dare you make lite assumptions about players that have only taken 30 attempts…

point taken…lol


Watch a freshman shoot in his first exhibition game – and he’s not a very good shooter. UNBELIEVABLE !

I’ve watched Cougar new players for 50 or so years. Most of them do not start out hitting a high percentage of shots. They need a time of adjustment.

Here’s that final box score. Anyone want to put together averages/totals for the trip?

Good Lord, this observation on a youngster who has only participated in a few scrimmages in August? The kid is in a new world and will learn to blend in and settle down. I trust coach and believe Mills will be a really good scoring guard…

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