Its a Rough day at WORK

Its a tough day to be a UH Cougar… At my school today … I have been reminded of our embarrassment at SMU at least 130 times. its only 920AM. Its not right.

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Sorry, man. I got an earful from a bunch of friends who are Baylor fans this weekend after I chastised them a few weeks ago for not crushing SMU. Guess I deserved that. I’ve seen lots of bad UH football in my time, but this loss has to rank in the top 5 of most disappointing losses. I even rank it above the Levine-era losses to Texas State and UTSA.


Make it clear to your friends that the small12 snub is despicable and show how afraid the entire conference is of us. Baylor is an integral part of that snub and it has been going on since 1996.
You could also add that a School that protects sex abusers does not belong on any TV sets.
SMU deserved their win but is Baylor doing enough to correct this appalling scandal?
You can choose the best answer that you see fit.
The Texas State and utsa losses were much more damaging due to their timing.


Baylor is the one school that can’t talk smack. When it’s all said and done, they might be kicked out of the Big 12.

Just have to own it. They whipped our butts plain and simple. Remind them that Morris is looking like a good replacement for Herman should he leave. That’s been getting them riled up around my office.


When you walk into a game with no discernible game plan and continuously turn the ball over, you’re going to lose no matter who you’re playing. We definitely proved that this week.

It helps that pretty much every team from Texas lost over the weekend so there hasn’t been anyone throwing stones in my office. We are all in different stages of grief.

Yep. EXCEPT Baylor… why is Baylor the #1 team in Texas? Of all the teams in Texas, whyyyyyyyy Baylor? :sob:

Just wait. Baylor is just now getting to the “tough” part of its schedule. So far the toughest game they’ve played was a 45-42 win over Iowa State.

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OWN IT, eh? We’re no longer in the AP Poll, we got the boot. And SB Nation is calling out CTH for previously having used SMU as an example of a program with low ambitions… So what the hell is going on? I will proudly don my red & white and show up this Saturday - but they gotta come on with the come on!! CTH - GET YOUR GRILL ON!


You guys think you have it rough. Not only am I a Coog season ticket holder, I’m an NC State Alum, married to a Longhorn with one kid at UH and the other who graduated from tOSU. We went a perfect 0-4 on Saturday.




Ooo yeah guy - you got it baaaad. Buy you a beer Saturday ?!

Working from home is King!

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I have some friends who are Michigan State fans. They are feeling just as bad. Atleast UH had a big win over OU to start the season. After a squeaker against Notre Dame, they have lost 5 straight with Michigan coming up. They had high expectations too that are all but gone.

I take some solace in the fact that all teams disappoint from time to time. That is why you have to enjoy the ride. Really appreciate and cherish the good times. Human nature is to take them for granted and start to expect them. Gotta fight that urge and take a second to look around and enjoy it. I am glad I took alot of pics at the OU game and video of the tailgate. Those were the days!!!

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that’s epic…!

Amen, you have one of the best post of the season. Let’s enjoy what we have. How many Teams would like to be in our shoes?

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