It's obvious it has to be Postma

(PortlandCoog) #1

I am not tearing down Allen, and I hope all of us can shy away from doing that. But I can’t help but think that with Postma earlier we win this.

This OSU offense obviously does not work without a true mobile QB. Postma is mobile. And I think he’s the man.

Frustrating because the defense did enough to win this game, especially with 5 turnovers.


I agree, but I think our passing game is a non-threat regardless. If I’m an opposing defensive coordinator, I’m keying in on the run and daring this team to throw. I don’t think they can do it consistently, regardless of who the QB is.

(shharper01) #3

Why did CTH recruit Allen for his offense?
Postma came in fresh and did a fine job. I’ll leabe it up to CMA to decide.

The TT DLine played vwry well.

(PortlandCoog) #4

I think if your QB can run it and create something and is a threat, it works. Our receivers have great hands.


I don’t have the confidence in this coaching staff to make the right move. They’ll trot out Allen, he’ll play well again (Temple is awful), everyone will crown him again, we’ll suck against SMU, and the cycle will continue.

(PortlandCoog) #6

I fear you might be right, but I hope you are wrong (no offense).


I think if you make a change, you go with King. Really give opposing defenses something to think about.


The only thing that worries me about Postma is he had that come from behind win against Memphis and then the next game he started and looked terrible. The announcer even mentioned today that Postma was fresh and everyone else was not and I worry that is why he looked so good. But ultimately Allen looked awful vs a crappy D so yes, we probably need a change


The first game had the depth chart as either/or for QB. In aninterview Allen said he didn’t know till pre game that he named starter. Maybe Postma has been close the whole time and giving him the nod won’t be hard.

(PortlandCoog) #10

Allen has the tools, but it’s obviously the decision making, and he can’t really tuck and run. He’s a pro-style QB, so I wonder and have wondered also why Herman went after him.

(Brad) #11

Kyle Allen can’t run, isn’t accurate and makes some very poor decisions. I hope to never see him on the field again. He sucks.


Worst thing that could have happened. Now people think Postma moving the ball against what was basically a prevent D for the last 5 minutes makes him an All-American.

(PortlandCoog) #13

Hey take it easy. We are all upset but you can’t attack players like that here.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Can’t there ever be a gray area in evaluations? He obviously doesn’t suck all around. He is an accurate passer when he isn’t pressured and the receivers can get open. In other words, he is the right choice if you have an offensive line more talented than the defensive line, a consistent running game and good play calling. That isn’t the situation in Houston this year. So he isn’t the right guy for the job. Applewhite should have known that from the spring scrimmages though. So that is all on Applewhite.


This really isn’t grounded in fact. He hasn’t been asked to run for us – and I suspect that’s largely because Applewhite saw how beat up Ward got when he was constantly running last year – but he absolutely has the ability to. He ran a 4.8 40 coming out of High School, which is definitely serviceable for a QB. He’s not Ward, but he has wheels.

(PortlandCoog) #16

You may be right, regardless… wherever the problem lies, seems we need mobile QB to make this type of O work.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Allen can obviously scramble. He avoided a couple of sacks. The problem is in his decision making when he is on the move which was questionable throughout this game and in the Arizona game.

(Patrick) #18

And at A&M


Being able to run straight on a track with no pads and no one trying to tackle you is one thing. Being able to run an option is another. You said in another post that he doesn’t run because the keys say to hand it off. I have to ask, Ward ran the same basic offense with a more questionable line and RBs, yet he ran frequently. Do you not think defenses were keying on Ward more than they are keying on Allen? Yet Allen never runs

(Brad) #20

I’m sorry but I just spent about five hours in 93 degree heat with my son and saw some of the worst QB play I’ve ever seen. It rivals Levine’s first game.