It's official this coaching staff


This coaching staff is Levine 2.0


It was official when the search for a new coach was thwarted by a big ego


Levine was underrated. He got dealt a crappy hand.

Applewhite’s coaching staff, on the other hand, is just bad.


Whose ego are you making reference?


Tilman’s. When Herman left he seemingly got all hurt and insisted nobody would ever be able to leave again.


Tilman isn’t the problem. Applewhite has to hire better coordinators.


Thanks a lot, Fertitta. At least you got us a new basketball arena, but this football coaching staff sucks bad and we’ve got it for at least two more seasons.


Miami fans warned us about our DC. And, they were correct. Bad lesson to have to learn the hard way.


We should be able to put more than 20 on Tulane’s D in our sleep. Sad thing is we evidently have nowhere else to go this season to figure out our QB problem so our offense is just going to keep sucking.

(itcoog) #10

Defense need work. It’s either scheme or personal but I think it’s both.

(Patrick) #11

Our QB isn’t the problem


I won’t say all of his assiastants are bad but if changes are made, I’d start with the DBs coach. They look unprepared more times than I care to count. Way too many big plays given up this season. I’ll be surprised if defensive changes aren’t made for next season.


He wasn’t the solution, either. Just like Postma and Allen before him.


I’m with TEXREG , we should score more than 20 on freaking Tulane. C’mon. This is the most predictable boring offense.


King is a good QB. Unfortunately, we have the same problems at WR and RB and OL that we’ve had the last 2 years.


And offensive scheme…

(Trent) #17

Defensive scheme wasn’t the problem, but technique was. Offensive talent isn’t terrible, but there’s none of that progression of plays that set each other up from the last two years. On 3rd and 10 we throw to the LOS. On 4th and 1 we throw under in triple coverage with no rub set up. Every play is designed to focus on the guy who’s going to get the ball, so the opposing defense never has to play more than token man on the rest of the field.

Even big 10 teams can’t get away with scoring fewer than 20. AAC teams certainly can’t, and we especially are never good with more than 2 turnovers or fewer than 20 points.


The scheme just does not work for us. We are not Bama, Clemson or Ohio State. Loved the run and shoot but I think we’d have more success even going back to the veer.

(Tom) #19

Houston Administration overreacted to CTH leaving , much like when Sumlin left. The hiring process was knee jack and not a well thought out process.


Eh. I’m not convinced the scheme is the problem so much as the people teaching it. No scheme works when the players can’t execute, and every scheme works when they do.