It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)


And make a Fertitta Center pledge if you have not already done so.

The team and coaches are doing their part. It’s time for the fan base to step up.

We need to get some momentum going and sell this place out for next year.

Areas requiring a donation with limited availability:


Club Access
Floor - 8 seats left ($10,000 donation per year x 5 years)
Barca Loungers - 20 seats ($5,000/year x5)
Loge - 20 seats ($3,000/year x5)
Club - 372 seats ($2,000/year x5)
Terrace - SOLD OUT ($1,500/year x5)

Sideline Opposite Club
Priority Chairback Tier 1 - 364 seats ($500/year x5)
Priority Chairback Tier 2 - 473 seats ($200/year x5)
Priority Chairback Tier 3 - 498 seats ($100/year x5)

Some of these sections with 20 available seats or less will sell out BEFORE the season ends. If you are interested in one of those sections, you had better decide quickly.


Here is the donation form:


Thanks for the reminder.

(Patrick) #4

(PMM) #5

Thanks for the pictures.

Wish someone would get the interior camera relocated and working.


I really hope this place looks better than the renderings. I can’t get over how janky (???) it all looks with the old rounded ends still there.

I’m all about sitting in that upper deck though.

(Cougarpad) #7

With the buildings foot print and no way to expand outwards, I just do not think there is a way to make the seating bowl rectangular. If you look at the renderings, the sidelines are squared and just the ends rounded.

(David) #8
  1. I thought someone was going to contact the current season ticket holders for their Fertitta options
  2. I hope to renew my season tickets for one season in the new place and then decide if I want to afford football, basketball, both or neither.

Big-time college sports are getting too pricey for me. I hope there is enough interest and the program is successful enough to make the crowds decent.


Only 2 seats left in the Terrace. Some sales in the Club and Priority Chairback sections too.

(Butch) #10

Attendance for Cougar games has once again been terrible. When you can only draw 5700 for WSU you have to think something is wrong.
Sadly, to make any attendance gains we probably need to go dancing this year and maybe win a game for the first time since 1985. The renovations should really help next year, but that will wear off fast. We need to win big in this city if we want to have any chance of drawing noticeable crowds…
Coach Sampson has done a great job here, but it is time to step up our OOC schedule and bring in folks that at least give us a chance to draw.
This is the best team we have had in a while but attendance continues to droop with very little student support.
I don’t know the answer but I am hoping some of the younger folks will buy in to UH sports…

(David) #11

And kudos to the WSU faithful that showed up – it’s nice to have an addition to the AAC that has a following like that! I was hoping for a better crowd as well and one more dedicated to the home team. Unfortunately, UH basketball has fallen off the radar for many. I know a UH alum who can talk to me about all things Cougar football and Case Keenum in the playoffs but had no idea that WSU was coming to town when I spoke with him last week (and we were shooting baskets together). The fact that they were offering $5 tickets to Cincy, SMU and UConn speaks volumes about where we are. At least the Fertitta Center opening and coverage should bring the program back to the forefront next season – hope Sampson can have some momentum going into next season to take advantage of this.


Even if we’re ranked and playing a ranked opponent, drawing a big crowd at a neutral site is always going to be a challenge.


Getting back on campus should help improve student support some. The Hof probably would have been full for this game and I’m guessing demand would have been through the roof had this game happened next year in the Fertitta Center.


Too late on the terrace seating, all gone. Don’t mind the donation for the building, but did not understand that there is still no season ticket pricing. With regards to the building commitment I was told there was also a per seat donation like TDEC for terrace seating, then the season ticket price. Basically terrace seating had three costs involved.

(Cougarpad) #15

With the increase in football tickets last year and the new donation requirements for basketball, UH is going to hurt fans that are on a budget. Some might have to choose between football and basketball. Might see a lot of basketball season ticket holders that had good seats at the Hoff be pushed to the GA sections, especially if have to pay a donation per seat. I understood there was going be some increase, but we already struggle with attendance as is, and this does not seem a great supply and demand pricing strategy.

(PMM) #16

I figure reserved seats season ticket prices to be in the $280 to $300 range as they were the previous 2 years.

If you choose one of the licensed seats, this will be on top of the season ticket with the total commitment divided by the 5 year time frame. Thus a Tier 3 seat would most likely be $400 per year.

(Patrick) #17


I fully anticipate sitting in some donor’s seat in the upper deck next season. Thanks for donating on my behalf.

(Ben) #19

There was solid support for UH BB when home games were played 15 miles away from campus, @ Delmar Field house, and about 8 miles away, @ the Sam Houston Coliseum. The turnout for a top 10 team, played just a short bus ride down the street, was atrocious. Should have been SRO.

(Patrick) #20