It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

(Charles) #225

So does everyone think that they actually created obstructed seats without checking out the height of the wall? My seats are 2 in near the top of the upper section. If that is the case, I’ll just ask people around me to join me in bringing sledge hammers to chip the damn thing down.


Good idea Stealth, we may want to invite Coach Herman to swing the sledge a few times!

(Jimmy Morris) #227

I wouldn’t think they would. I would assume they wouldn’t. It’s why I tried really hard to find a view from the videos the view I’m showing. Seeing as we debuted a beveled logo designed by a professional contractor that was already placed on the football field, sent to clothing manufacturers and approved by the BOR without noticing the shading was wrong until fans pointed it out day 1 of the unveiling, anything is possible.


:eyes: Looking good


(David) #230


Those two blue ribbons make the arena look x1000 better :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sure would be nice to host some NCAA regionals in there.

(Charles) #233

You must mean some high school regionals. NCAA regionals won’t be in a 7k seat arena.


It would make sense to have it in a 7k seat arena and fill it up rather than a half-full 12k arena in a lesser-populated area.

To me, that makes sense…but I’ve learned the NCAA has nothing to do with “sense”.


It doesn’t work like that @wewantyoursoul


Btw, that wall where the 4 rows of student section it’s going to be will be painted red.

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(WRB) #239

He would hurt himself…call him lol



Can’t wait for the new pics to come out.

(Cougarpad) #242

On the webcam, the court has been laid and the red UH logo is down and the baselines are also painted.

(Cougarpad) #243

So looking at the webcam the new court has Fertitta Center inside the far red sideline. They are putting something inside the red sideline closest to the camera but I can’t make it out. It looks longer than Guy V Lewis court though. I just hope they don’t put two first names and a last name like there is with the baseball field name. It would look so tacky to have a & symbol on the court.

(Cougarpad) #244

I think part if it might actually say Elvin Hayes Court but I do think there is a & symbol with another name.