It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)


Oh you didn’t read the back of your tickets? It said, NO REFUND! :grin:

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Howie Lorch & Elvin Hayes Courtside. They were teammates in college. Mr. Lorch is a Senior Financial Adviser with Wells Fargo Financial. He’s extremely well connected in the city and has advised Elvin many years. This is an excellent tribute to these Cougar teammates. Well deserved and earned!

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My only question why is it courtside and not court with the naming tribute? I have never heard it called courtside on a tribute before in basketball.


Can we add two more rows for the students, pls. I like how CKS made that autobile to instead having alumni standing room there, it is 4 rows for students.

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Fertitta Center looks great! Everything looks so more open and there is a lot more light. It no longer feels like a cavern or war bunker when you walk around Fertitta Center. It is amazing it is the same building. Also, I think the new seating number is the right size for us. UH has only averaged over 7000 attendance around 5 times in program history. Just need to make sure the US and Texas flags are hanging somewhere :grin:

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The seating chart on the UH ticket page shows there are two student sections. The four rows courtside then another section in one of the corners of the seating bowl.

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Here’s my crazy opinion. Elvin is our color analyst and Howie has floor seats so basically they’ve spent more sitting “Courtside” than playing basketball (Elvin) or student manager (Howie). That’s definitely a wild guess on my part. I will ask an attendant on Monday during the showing and report back with the answer.

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Checked out the arena before the game. They had the seating areas roped off. I still have a hard time believing the cement walls for two of the sections are low enough they won’t be obstructing the view of at least some of the seats. Guess we will find out for sure in 5 weeks. Really hope I’m wrong.

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You sit down during the game?!?!

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The only cement wall that looks questionable is on the baseline that said Cougars where the baseline seating is directly against the new club level. That section is in the second pic I posted above. You would think if they paid an architect all that money then they would make sure there are no obstructive views.

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It’s a basketball game, paid for seats and we aren’t the Aggie student section.

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Yeah, I hope you are too because they do look high but maybe it’s an optical illusion from our viewpoint. When I went in Saturday that’s the first thing I was looking to see. For me personally, I’ll rarely be able to attend but you have to think those seats aren’t obstructed or if they were someone other than this board would have noticed and brought it to the attention of those in charge .

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It brings a while back when we changed logos. First day it was published, I noticed a part of the shading was missing. Mentioned it on here. Some agreed some didn’t. I had a mechanical drafting background, was very familiar with 3D images and how to shade them. So later that day I sent an email to the administration to take another look. I didn’t get a reply but by the end of the day the logo was fixed on the uhcougars website. My email was probably never read by the right person but someone in the right position noticed.

As quickly as it was done, it tells me that there were multiple versions and they accidentally shared an earlier version that had been later corrected. So it wasn’t that the error was missed at all levels, it was an error by a person sharing the uncorrected version. Sadly, 6 months later, new polos popped up at Academy with the uncorrected version. I bought a couple of different styles for nostalgic purposes. The incorrect version had already been sent to the new apparel company and the damage was done. Not even noticeable if you aren’t looking for it.

I guess the question isn’t, has no one at UH noticed. If it is too high, does anyone in charge care? If they do care, has it ever been brought to their attention? We will probably find out by the Oregon game because I pretty sure those seats will be filled.