It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)


They’ll probably give those persons new seats and remove those obstructed seats. That would be cheaper than cutting the concrete wall down some.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #327

If there are truly only 4-5 obstructed seats, they probably won’t be full unless the arena is full. If the arena is full, it’s because it’s a huge game, and you’re not going to be sitting down anyways.

Make the obstructed seats the last 5 seats sold. Problem solved.

(O. Emmanuel) #328

Ahh ok. People were making it seem like whole sections would be obstructed. 4-5 seats isn’t a big deal. I agree. Just remove them. Next problem! lol


We need every last seat we can get. Leave them there.


Just label them as childrens seating and supply booster seats. Kids are tiny anyhoo so nobody’d have trouble seeing over them.


You think every game is going to be sold out? If the attendance at the football games are any indication of the basketball games, there may be plenty seats available. I hope it is a sellout at most games though.


If Oregon & LSU aren’t sold out, I’ll be disappointed.

(Charles) #333

If we’re playing in Orlando for conference championship I’d be surprised if we sell out our first game with Oregon.

(Cougarpad) #334

UH should hold a watch party on the big video board in TDECU. If we make the championship game this could be an extra event to get fans to the campus.

(Patrick) #335

Or even hold the watch party in the Fertitta Center.

(Patrick) #336


They got rid of the camera cam. Probably because they want people to show up this Saturday for the tour.

(PMM) #338

They got rid of all of them.

I suspect because they do not want us to see the snail pace at which the finishing touches are being added…at least I assume that that they are being completed.

Still confused about the floor issue.

Sure hope our team gets some practice before the Oregon game. If not, CKS will be pissed as he should be.

We’ll see.

(David) #339

They reported some wifi/network issue with some of the building which may be the cause of the issue

(PMM) #340

I hope that is the case, as I have enjoyed watching it being transformed.

(David) #341

The exterior camera is back up

(Jimmy Morris) #342

If the seats we were suspecting to be partially obstructed really are, it won’t be 4-5. Closer to about 30-50 and would have easily been much better if the wall was much lower with hand rails.



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