It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

(PMM) #407

Yes…and in typical Channel 2/Mc Ilvoy fashion…he gave it about 12 seconds on the newscast.

He is and has always short shifted the COOGS. He is a total Tool !!!

(Tom Green) #408

Not that it will change your opinion of him but he did long version on 5 p.m. newscast where they showed all the walls decorated with former players such All Americans, players drafted NBA and several other behind scenes that avg fan won’t see. Carry on !

(Cougarpad) #409

Where are they going to hang the retired jerseys and final four banners? In all the photos they are not in the arena. At least they got the US and Texas flags up. The numbers of Akeem, Drexler, Hayes, Young, and Birdsong need to be in the rafters along with the 5 final four banners.

(Tom Green) #410

Sure they were just sitting around, wasting time so they could miss deadlines. Geez! :roll_eyes:

(PMM) #411

Sorry to offend your brother, the tool !!!

He has been this way for many, many years !!

Now, you can carry on !

(Tom Green) #412

I have 3 brothers but he is not one of them. Back to my point he did an excellent story that was several mins long where CKS took him on individual tour on some behind the scenes stuff they most of us won’t see when we go Saturday. Sorry you have such disdain for the man, makes no difference to me your feelings about him or any other living HUMAN. Now carry on!! :sunglasses:

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(Tom) #415

That really is :+1:. Wouldn’t be surprised if a PAC 12 announcement came with it… Speculating of course…

(PMM) #416

Nice…they need holography of the Big E and Akeem jammin !!

(PMM) #417

Not disdain for the man (as I do not know him) , but the short stick he has always given UH. He is noted for it.

And by the by, a lot fewer people tune in for the 5 p.m. news than the 6 p.m. news…

They put what they consider unimportant on the 5 p.m. news.

(Tom Green) #418

It’s all good. I never paid that close attn to even notice something like that. Matter of fact several months ago I made a decision to stop watching local news and have stuck to it. I heard last week that Greg Bailey ABC13 had been out couple months…who knew !! Just same bad stuff over n over. When I remember I’ll put on FOX26 at 9:40 to listen to Mark Berman do Sports. He obviously does most UH coverage by far of other local Sports Broadcasters.

(Steve O'Keefe) #419

A few photos from tonight’s opening event…

WiFi is good

Tillman doing interviews

Hall of Honor Ceremony – Tillman & Renu inducted
Check out Coach Burrell’s “No-Shave November” beard (right)

Student Section (I’m 5’9")

(Ben) #420

@Progs did you notice the lettering on the wall behind the students?


Yes, nice!

(Cougarpad) #422

All that is missing is the retired jerseys of a few of those guys in the red blazers hanging from the rafters.

(VancouverCOOG) #423

Great stuff all the way around.
A big thank you to every single donor; and a heartfelt standing ovation to the Fertitta Family!


I was disappointed at the reduced seating capacity in the beginning; however, the incredible transformation sure out weighs that disappointment by a mile. This is now a top class facility. The (true) luxury areas are just that. I have a feeling many a celebrity will be attending many games. The students are gonna be stoked.


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