J Dickey off to Waco

God Speed my amigo

What position?

SimiliR to what he does now.

unfollows on Twitter

Dang it, he’s going to take all our Houston secrets to WACkO…:disappointed::angry::sleeping:

Baylor already has a Deputy AD. And an assistant AD in charge of external.

In fact, I see no openings on their webpage.

Maybe the directory is out of date. Or they created a new position for JD.

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Baylor officially announces Houston’s Jeramiah Dickey as Associate VP for Athletics Operations effective Feb. 13
-Jossph Duarte

Too bad; I liked Dickey. Very approachable and active on twitter. Rejoining Rhoades and this will probably be good for his career. Wish him luck.

Yurachek’s name is being thrown around for the now open Arizona job. We’d be hurting if he left too.

I wonder if Bassity will be considered for the deputy job?

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no surprise…he was one of MRs guys…he was an approachable guy and i enjoyed talking to him

In addition to overseeing the completion of the IPF and the Fertitta Center, the next major project will be “reseating” the Fertitta Center.

Hunter will need someone to coordinate the effort to fundraise for priority seat selection like we did the football stadium.

He is conflicted…Still has his Cougar pin on…Too funny!

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