Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson who played for GV in 59 thru 61 passed away yesterday. COVID-19. Super Cougar, great competitor & stayed involved with program thru the years & attended our games. When Fertitta opened he & I joked about the difference between Jeppeson Field House & our new home! Will be missed.


Great Cougar for sure. I saw him at our last game

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We truly lost a great Coog in Jack…remember talking to him several times in Ted Nance’s office back in the day…he loved and supported UH and Guy V loved him as a player…

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RIP! Jack Thompson! We lost a great Cougar!

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He has always been a great Cougar but also did so much for basketball in this city.
I will miss seeing him at our games.

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The world lost a great man yesterday. My father was a wonderful and proud Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Friend, Coach, Mentor and Cougar. He touched so many people in such a positive way during his life in such a humble manner. He has left us with wonderful memories and a legacy that will live through the lives he has impacted. Rest in peace Dad, you are deeply loved and will be greatly missed.


Coached, I think, at my HS alma mater, Saint Thomas, back in 66-67. Good coach, good guy all the way around.

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For many years he coached select basketball in the city. He coached a few greats in LaBradford Smith and Hart Lee Dykes. But he was also instrumental in getting some lesser known players scholarships to college that they might not have received without his help.


That’s a great point there regarding one of Jack’s many contributions. My second cousin attended Cy-Fair early 2000’s when their coach was beyond putrid. Saw him battle to a draw against Omeka Okafor, who already had the ship to UCONN in hand, when Cy-Fair played Bellaire. Anyway, despite the Cy-Fair coach, my second cousin, who was getting absolutely no run due to the Cy-Fair coach made the select team that Jack coached. And Jack loved the kid. My second cousin really blossomed as a player under Jack. Unfortunately, my first cousin, who was his mother, struggled at length with cancer and ultimately succumbed to it. Because of it my second cousin lost all interest in playing, but it still did not diminish the positive impact Jack made on him in cultivating his talent and instilling confidence in him about his game when his high school coach was still struggling to figure out which side of a jockstrap went where. Ultimately it was Jack’s belief in him as a person and young man that made the biggest impact.


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