Jalen Hurts

(Alfred Matthews) #1

I guess we can open a ship up for him now. :slight_smile:

(PMM) #2

He is a running back

(CoogNation_14) #3

This game is boring, they are just running it back to back…


He just may lose his starting spot with the way this other kid is playing right now and slinging it down field.

(J V ) #5

We could put him in at WR.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #6

Gotta be bitter sweet for Jalen if Bama goes onto win.

Celebrating a national championship but primarily because you were taken out of the game and replaced by guy who turns the team’s fortunes around during the most important game of the season.

He’s handling it in a vey classy way however, great character.


Jalen days are number at QB at Alabama.

(Cristian) #8

And thats what i like to see from a coach. If hes not playing well bench him and next man up. Everyone has an off game and they won the game because of it.


Jalen Hurts can’t pass for crap. Alabama loses the game if the change is not made.

(PortlandCoog) #10

Jalen Hurts has passed for over 5000 yards in 2 seasons and has a 63% completion rate and has rushed for almost 2000 yards, and is 25-2 as a starter. If that is crap, I’ll take it.

(Mark Jacob) #11

Seems to have trouble in championship games for some reason., otherwise gold.

(PMM) #12

Because he is playing against better teams.


Wow - kid goes from being SEC Offensive Player of the Year to ‘can’t pass for crap.’ He is a very classy kid and at minimum, deserves a fair shot at the starting job in the spring.

(Cary) #14

Can he risk it? He hasn’t used his redshirt. If he waits, he is stuck, but if he transfers, he sits a year (redshirt) and still has two to give. If he stays and then goes, he only has one after sitting.


Come home, Jalen.


Jalen is a pretty talented kid and it’s unfair to take anything away from him.

You had essentially the #1 defensive team in America scout the shit out of Jalen and develop a defensive gameplan to lock Alabama down by forcing Jalen into his weakness and not use his strengths.

The Tua kid is really good too, but I’m willing to bet that if Georgia had hours of film on him and a week to gameplan, they could have shut him down too.

Georgia gameplanned for Jalen. They never seen, had no film, did not plan for Tua before today - and THAT helped make him look like a stud compared to Jalen.

That being said, if Jalen wants to come home, then we open up a scholarship. I think that’s a given.

(jimmyschofield) #17

Let’s dream a little and imagine him at UH in 2 years. He transfers after the spring after losing the starting QB job and learns a new position his redshirt season. Line him up in the “Percy Harvin” position. One play he’s a wide receiver on the outside, lining up across from a smaller corner. The next he’s a wild cat QB or RB on short yardage (being 6’3, 220).


I know a lot of A&M fans who were sorely disappointed he chose Bama over A&M. How awesome would it be if he left Bama and came to UH instead of A&M?!? We can all dream, right?

(CoogNation_14) #19

via bleacher report.

Apparently, we are on the list for the Jalen Sweepstakes. :upside_down_face:


I’m hearing a school just north of Texas that just lost a prominent QB.