Jalen Hurts

(CoogNation_14) #21

I can see that happening.

(gpropes) #22


I’ll keep King, thanks.


LOL! I just had a friend text me and ask if I knew anything about Jalen coming here. He’ll be a graduate transfer, so unless he’s wanting to sit out a year and take a red shirt, why on earth would he come here? I think we’ll be just fine with King at the helm.




I’ve heard Kyler Murray may return to OU, if not, it’s Jalen Hurts job to lose. Imagine what a qb wizard like Lincoln Riley can do with him and those weapons in Oklahoma.


King>>> Hurts

(Jack ) #28

Hurts comes in we have two phenomenal talents and our offense can use a whole different level of playbook.

(Brad) #29

Hurts and Applewhite would be a good combo at Miami.


hurts not coming here we have a starting QB, King! He won’t come here to sit behind King, for get about it

(Luke P) #31

Regardless where he goes, the national attention is awesome. It seems like we haven’t left the headlines since mid-December!

(J V ) #32

I would guess OK.

(CoogNation_14) #33

May have to dodge some bullets for bringing up 247. Lol but here is a good one.

"The only problem with this scenario? The Cougars already [have] a fantastic quarterback in D’Eriq King. Holgorsen called King a “great” quarterback this week in San Antonio, correcting a reporter who labeled the rising senior as “good.”


I like that CDH corrected him.

(John m Bevil) #35

If he wants to come to UH, it would boost our team immensely. Maybe another move to P5 significance. Coming off a disappointing Bowl, this would be big time positive PR to go with hiring away a P5 HC and assistants. We are looking for P5 and we have to think that way. Go big or go home.


Can he play another position?


Doubt he would come here to play anything but qb

(Dan) #38

Seriously, we have a QB next year, all set. We don’t need this drama.

(J V ) #39

“We are set at QB” makes me think of the Sunshine introduction scene in Remember the Titans.

“I think we can find a place for your boy”.


Before you guys rush to shoo Hurts away…just think of where the offense would’ve been this past year after King went down and Hurts was on the roster.

I’m thinking you might want to at least talk to him and see what possibilities he might be open to. Having Hurts on our team would give King more opportunities for rest and could add a dynamic qb/wildcat scenario for us. I’m good with King running the ship…but I’m completely on board with whatever qb option(s) that gives us the most wins.