Jalen Hurts

(J V ) #41

Lol…we are all set at the QB position.

(Russel ) #42

Look at it from his standpoint…he’s going to want to go a school where he can be the guy for his final season of eligibility. As well he should.

(PortlandCoog) #43

Right… he’s not going to ride pine. So he basically needs to know he’s gonna start.

(Dan) #44

I just don’t want him going to OU or Leach State or UCF. Don’t want to play against him.


I’m sorry, but not sorry, Hurts it is not as good as King and there is a reason why he was replaced by Tua. He’s great with his legs but he has consistently shown that despite having a pretty good arm he is not accurate.

King is on the same level as Murray. Murray just has a better resume with the Heisman Trophy and a playoff appearance, but he also has a much better supporting cast. If you take into consideration all the drop passes, our inept defense, and all the injuries, I’m sure King’s win loss record would be better and his stats would be better too.

If CDH turns things around like we are all hoping, King has a great possibility to do some even better things with a great supporting cast and get him the attention he deserves. So no thank you to Hurts, not interested.

(Thomas) #46

To those on here who are dreaming of a Hurts Christmas, are doing just that…dreaming. Nothing wrong with that…but there is not a snow ball’s chance in Hades that Hurts plays his final year with the Coogs. Now, UCF might be on his mind???

(Jack ) #47

Would Hurts come and play a different position?


He will get plenty of interest from other schools to be QB.


This is “Prior” Intel but Dana’s high on him and if he can be convinced to sit out this year he would learn the playbook and start in 2020.

(Robert Swearengin) #50

I think we should sign a High School QB every year, then develop our future starters.

Hurts is not a great passer. And would be here for only 1 season.

Does not benefit our Program.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #51

LOL “prior” intel

Yragha flip of Sellers for me!

(PortlandCoog) #52


I haven’t heard UH mentioned at all by anyone from C.V. I wouldn’t bet on it.

(PortlandCoog) #54

Makes no sense for him to come here with King here.


Read my post 5 spots up.

(Sam) #56

He would redshirt, learn the offense back and forth, and then start in ‘20. He’d also be some 20 minutes from home. On the surface it seems like a tough sell, getting him to sit a year, but Holgorsen has coached Case, Weeden, and Grier.


Obviously those betting people don’t follow UH football or they would know we don’t need Hurt.


Some people will overrated Hurts in here because he’s from Channelview lol


If Hurt was going to redshirt this year, he may as well do that at Alabama. Tua will be a junior in the fall and surely is going into the draft after the football season.


So if he’s interested we tell him no thanks? What about King at WR? This would be his position if he has any plans of playing somewhere after college, right?