Jalen Hurts


Hurts transferring here would be amazing to add QB depth like that, especially with our current QB1 coming off a serious injury.

However, yes, it would be weird for a fairly coveted QB like him to transfer here as an immediately eligible grad transfer with a darkhorse Heisman candidate senior already in place as the current QB1. If he had to sit out a year it would make a ton of sense. Maybe he wants to sit out a year and learn the offense at his new school. That would be pretty unique though.


Never said that you said anything else. I agree. I think we are talking about different things. Have a good night.


Good evening!


Dormady was. ESPN was all over it.

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Oh ok big Sam Houston…have you ever heard of fake news???

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It’s probably been said already in this thread, but maybe he wants to enter the draft as a receiver? Playing a season with King throwing the ball to you would make you look good. Plus if Carrier comes on board you’d have proven WR coaching. Whatever the case, the amount of national media attention the last few weeks has been awesome especially considering the way last season played out! Keep it coming!

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The SEC is overrated. Look at Missouri, they were ranked number 19 before their bowl and they beat a bunch of mediocre teams.


When you read the 247 report on possible destinations of Jalen Hurts, Maryland makes the most sense.

For two years, Mike Locksley was the Bama OC. He worked closely with Hurts at Bama, They won a NC together. Now, Lockley is the HC of the Maryland program. Hurts doesn’t have to learn a new system and he leaves the pressure associated with signing with another SEC program. He wouldn’t have to sit out a year at UH waiting for King to finish his eligibility.

It’s nice for a player of his caliber to have choices.


he could stay at bama if he wanted to be a reciever…and his dad called him the greatest free agent qb in college football history

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No worries, we are not in his top 5, however, OU and Miami are. We could face him the first game of the
season for all who said he was not good, we might see first hand.

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I’d be enormously surprised if he went anywhere other than OU or Miami. Maybe TCU as a darkhorse.

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We have very different ideas of high profile.


I still don’t understand why Hurts would come here unless he wants to take his redshirt, but here’s more smoke*.

*Caveat, I have no idea who this is or how accurate his “circle” is. Just posting because I saw it.

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Think about the ego’s these athletes have. They think they can beat out any competition, which is good. Plus he may want to represent the home town.


Not like twitter followers is the ultimate litmus test of credibility, but lack of twitter followers is generally a good indication that you should take it with a grain of salt (which I know 2002 indicated). This guy has 11 followers. Also, this is his statement about King.

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WTF? yeah that in its self proves a stong lack of credibility lol


Yep. All credibility is now completely gone. Wow, that was an insanely idiotic thing to say.


no disrespect to Jalen, but this is Deriq’s team.

I’m ride or die with King


I think this Gus guy is very questionable. If he worked in the media like the Chronicle, wouldn’t he have a lot of followers on Twitter like TJ said unless he was a paper boy.


My guess is unpaid intern.