Jamal Shead

is one of the best passing senior HS players I’ve seen in years. Absolutely exceptional. After watching all his videos I’d put that one skill in the elite category.


That’s a good thing. How many turnovers did we have this year due to poor passing? Far too many.


CKS says the beater the competition he faces the better he plays! He is a great defender & he had a 50pt. game this year! Supposed to be a true point guard!


Nice. Can’t wait to see him throwing up lobs to 6’10” Powell and Gresham.

The more I think about next years team with the 3 incoming players, the more excited I get. Despite having a few guys that can handle the ball we were missing a true PG this year. Shead will definitely help fill that role. Not sure if Jarreau returns, but regardless we’ll be adding true PG, a 6’10” player that can jump out of the gym, and 6’5” two-way guard (Mark) to the mix of Mills, Sasser, Hinton, White, Grimes, Gresham, Gorham, Tyson, Alley, and another athletic 6’7” redshirt defender in Roberts. The sky is the limit for next years team.


Reminds me of Jason Kidd the way he runs down the court in that coiled viper style. From the time he gets the ball he’s driving to the hoop…and his head is on a swivel. And his physique appears to be thicker that Gray’s.


Tell me that’s not red-hot ball handling!!!


Omg that vertical. He had three blocks from jumping like 3 feet up. And wow the court vision. I don’t want him to redshirt.
Coach is getting some PLAYERS.


I was thinking the same thing after I watched that. To hell with redshirts. We need that court Generalship now.

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Fantastic vision. Our guys will have to keep their own heads on a swivel when on the court with this dude.

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We have some underrated guys man.

Shead, sasser, Mills… I hope that Tyson and powell are treats.

If that film was an indication, he could be our best freshman PG since Alvin Franklin. And he can really shoot as well.

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Good times ahead…

Don’t know much about Tyson other than he’s an arc guy. We want to compare him to Armoni and that’s fine. Armoni had some bad nights. Some good nights. Very streaky in both directions. In contrast to how we shot this year I think Armoni only shooting 3’s might have elevated our total shooting %. We couldn’t hit squat this year.


With regard to “we couldn’t hit squat” last season, I would note that our 3 point shooting coming down the stretch in our last four (4) key conference championship deciding games (Memphis, Cinci, UConn & Memphis) can be recapped as follows:

Nate Hinton - 7 of 14 - 50% [last 2 gms - 4 of 7 - 57%]
Quentin Grimes - 6 of 17 - 35% [last 2 gms - 6 of 14 - 43%]
Caleb Mills - 5 of 13 - 38%
Marcus Sasser - 9 of 32 - 28% (after finishing 0 of 10 in the last 2 gms)

so that’s a combined 27 of 76 - 35.5%.

I would think that adding Shead & Mark (both great shooters) and assuming a little improvement from our key guys back from last year, we could see multiple guys shooting around 40% next year.

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Is there really any chance that Harris will be given in an additional year?

Because if he is…then MAN OH MAN!!!

Everyone else would also have the benefit of having seniors back.

At this point not likely to happen anyway


I hope coach tells fabian to face the basket and let shead dish to him all night under the rim.


Wouldn’t the ball hit Fabian in the back of the head😜


Actually it might. But seriously, that kid would bring our big guys to life.

24/7 is my only source for recruiting updates.

Does anyone else have any other sites ?

I’m interested in how we are doing for 2022 Want a big nasty big man badly for that class.

Looks like we are trailing for all of the big guys of 2021.

I would not use the word trailing. Wait and see who Sampson really wants and then observe what they will bring to the team.
And we signed 3 guys who are considered significantly bigger targets than they were when they committed.


You’re right I’m in love with all 3 freshman recruits coming in.


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