Jarreau could have been a fraternity brother


The way he flies and finishes would have made him a perfect part of Phi Slamma Jamma. it is really unfair to compare any team to the fraternity brothers, but there are certainly players on this team that would have been a big part of that group.

Jarreau reminds me of Benny Anders. Not exactly picturesque, but very athletic and provides Instant offense.

Welcome to the fraternity Dejon and thank you sir I would like to have another final four.


Jarreau is a human spark plug when he’s on the court…


He has the goods if he keeps working on his game to play at the next level. There is still room for improvement.

(Thomas) #4

So happy that Deeky is on this team as he brings a different dimension to the offense. If he improves his dribbling and passing skills, no telling where him and this team can go this year or next.


if he adds a shot to his game and 15lbs he could be dominant…and we might only get to see him 1 more year

(Nick K) #6

i think he will approach rob gray status next year, running point and penetrating, we really get hm points and assists…look forward to his continued improvement

(J V ) #7

I think this team has earned PSJ status. Surprised it has not been revived. I was thinking it would be kind of cool to do an inition fo the current team with members of PSJ to welcome them to the fraternity. (Maybe give them old school satin jackets with the jump,anmlogo and PSJ on it)

(Cougarpad) #8

I’m sorry but this team is no Phi Slamma Jamma. You forget the elite athletes on those teams. This teams also does not dunk like Phi Slamma Jamma. There will only ever be one era of Phi Slamma Jamma. This team needs its own identity.

(Mark Shapiro) #9

I think people are trying too hard to recreate PSJ. That was not only a once in a lifetime experience, it was a once only experience. I can’t remember who said it in the 30 For 30, but he said something like “it was like a comet. It made a short appearance never to be seen again.”

This is not to take away from what this team is doing or where this program is headed. PSJ was just a totally different beast. I do agree though that Dejon would have fit right in. He definitely has some Benny in him.

(Ben B) #10

If he works on the Three pointer he will be VERY dangerous. They already can’t stop him driving, imagine if they have to respect his long range shot too!!!

(Ben B) #11

They have to make a final four first.

(Randy Worrell) #12

His comment yesterday “ that if you don’t play defense, you ain’t gettin on the court is going to make him better as well! He is a “natural assist” guy like Galen. He just needs to focus on direct passes instead of some of the crazy one we see him do at times! He did a great job yesterday of focusing on what the defense gave him.

(Trent) #13

I’d be happy to call this era of Cougar basketball teams the “Sampsonites.”


(Nick K) #14

PHI Stop-em Pop-em
for defense and 3 point offense…


That’s why I referred to him as the new Benny Anders in another post not long ago. He’s young, athletic with high energy and a motor.


He reminds me of a tall Rob Williams.


As long as history dont repeat itself with Anders…


He really took over at the end of the Cincy game. I hope to see that in March


And April!


DeJon the Jet. UMass’ loss is our gain.