Jarreau update


His defense, length & athleticism give him a lot of promise. Has legit point guard skills. Now, if he can shoot the 3 where opponents don’t sag away from him like they do GR3, man that would make UH play with anyone not named Duke; just kidding, bring on Duke and their lack of depth :astonished::flushed::yum::joy::joy:


You mean Sampson wouldn’t let him dog cuss all the staff , including himself , and show up whenever he wanted. Imagine that. No wonder he left.


I think you mean “did”. Galen is shooting 3s at a .450 clip this year (9-20). It is obvious he worked very hard on that outside shot in the offseason. What’s crazy is Galen only shot 22 total 3s last year (35 games) and only made 18.2% of those. If we play another 35 games this year, he’s on pace to shoot 100 threes. It’s amazing what a little hard work and confidence can do for you! Now he just needs to work on free throws since he’s only hitting 63.6% of those right now.

(PMM) #64

He also made all 6 of his FT’s last night.

Brooks needs to discover his secret :sunglasses:

(Randy Worrell) #65

Last night on post game show alluded to Jarreau missing not only b/c of his grandmother’s funeral but also a finger injury.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #66

Deeky Jarreau @ LaDeeky 6h

Backcourt back😎

(Tom Green) #67

And to confuse fans even more the ESPN3 Crew had different reason given Tue night which included Reid Gettys who is still very close to program and more so to current coaches . They said he was ineligible and would be eligible again for Saturday’s game. So not sure which info is correct on why he missed last 6 gms. May never know!

(Cristian) #68

This is even more confusing

(Nathan) #69

Sampson said he cut his finger and had 8 stitches

(Jimmy Morris) #70

Yes coach mentioned the finger cut making him miss 8? days of practice and his step mother’s passing miss 3 days of practice. We have enough depth that he doesn’t need to be rushed onto the court.

(Patrick) #71


May as well hold him out for another week. Long term is more important than short term.


Short term (next 3 games) are pretty damned important.


We’ll be ok. I’ll be more worry if the games where on the road. Home teams typically get more calls, thus home court advantage. Btw, you don’t mess with an MCL, just like you wouldn’t with a sore Achilles. At this point, just let it rest to get back to %100 percent. We’re also talking about a kid’s playing career.


Since when has UH gotten more calls?


I think he means more foul calls…against us

(Jimmy Morris) #77

7 of our 8 games this year, the home team had less fouls called against them. I feel like with White back on the court there is more competition for playing time among the bigs and we might see more fouls among them.


That sounds crazy jimmy but i bet you’re right.


White has been fouling a lot lately. I attribute that to not being quite back in game shape yet. I hope I’m right because we’re going to need him on the floor more as the season goes on.

(Patrick) #80

Hopefully that’s all it is. White had issues with foul trouble last year as well. He’s a physical player, though, so he’ll get some calls against him. Really depends on the refs; we get the same crew that called the Lamar game and w may have problems.