Jarrett Allen to Texas

We have one left to give.

Possibly DeAndre Williams. Possibly a summer transfer.

Man I am bummed as I was hoping he would come here.


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Unfortunately this wasn’t surprising news. We’ll be fine next year, but it would have been nice to have a player of his caliber.

Sad…Looks like Texas isn’t very good. Allen would have made the Coogs a solid Top 25 team, instead he’s toiling on a mediocre Longhorn team while the COOGS should be a tourney team.

Crazy that they were ranked; then again…they’re Texas :disappointed:


They have Jarrett Allen at power forward with Shaquille Cleare at center. That’s the problem. Jarrett is a natural center and not a power forward. In today’s game, you can’t have 2 centers starting for you and expect to win big if your pf and center can’t shoot and aren’t laterally quick.

Texas doesn’t have enough shooting as well.

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I’m really looking forward to us playing a legitimately good team so I can see what we actually have here. So far this team has been super fun to watch, but we haven’t played anyone yet. Devin Davis was such a great pick up and I like what I’m seeing so far from Armoni Brooks. Should be a fun season.

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