Jarrid Williams

Has entered the portal. Huge blow to our offensive line.

Yeah that’s real bad news. But on the other hand tm getting bad news from the football go oil is much more common than good news these days.

Well that’s great. I would say Williams or Braylon Jones would have been our best OL. I’d guess Paul starts at LT and probably Unije at RT. Maybe Cam’Ron Johnson and Boatman in reserve unless they move Bardwell to tackle. May as well given that he likely won’t start at guard.

Bummer. This seems unexpected

Darn… wonder happened here.

Hopefully CDH can save him.

This dude is pretty good.


He Gone!

Edit: You try to save him before he puts his name in portal not after.


I wonder if this has anything to do with Josh Jones sliding in the draft.

I just thinking the same. It is hard to not think - Jones slide in the draft did not have some bearing - if nothing else - more negative news to be used if there were third parties trying to influence.

How much does a College affect a player’s position in the draft? I can’t imagine coach saying something negative about him, personality-wise.


I know Williams just recently received his medical red shirt which gives him a 6th year of eligibility. Does the school foot the cost of advocating to the NCAA for that? If so, that’s kind of a scummy move to leave right after receiving it.

No more scummy as forcing players to transfer to open up scholarships, coaches being fired after 2 years, coaches leaving for more money, ncaa not allowing kids to make money on YouTube, not allowing kids to immediately transfer after their coach ups and leaves…


Also looking at the oline coming back, we have lost almost half of our starting players. Out of 60 starts last season on what could be described as not that good of an offensive line, we lost 23 starts out of 60.

NOT good news.

I don’t think it does much, but players are told over and over that the bigger schools will get them drafted. He probably would have looked better if he was around 4 other good offensive lineman. I think the real issue for the slide was his combine numbers though.


I certainly didn’t mean to imply this is the only scummy move that has ever happened in the history of the world. But still a scummy move to allow a school to use its resources to help you out then immediately move on. If you think that’s ok, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I’ll respectfully disagree.


Redshirting players at the G5 level may not be a good idea IF they leave for P5 places to play as fifth year seniors.


Football needs to get here fast.

The worst part of this is that the anti-Holgorsen brigade has something else to moan about. I’m sure they will be in full force with the sky is falling gloom and doom.


I still have faith and believe we’ll still win the conference.


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