Jasmyne Harris

(morris williams) #1

I noticed the aforementioned player got only 15 min against Uconn, and 0 min in the win against SMU. Talking about igniting a fire under this team. They had a solid game against SMU. Congrats ladies…

(Patrick) #2

During the UCONN game, Jazz was slow going after a loose ball in the 2nd period and Coach pulled her. He was pissed about it too as Jazz didn’t play another minute.

Jazz did root on the team from the bench the rest of the game, but I’m guessing Coach was still fired up about it and sat her the SMU game.

Coach Hughey isn’t messing around anymore. Good on him.

(Butch) #3

Just hoping Jazz is not reverting to her old ways…in high school she tended to pout and loaf at times, but her coach at Brazosport did not put up with it and never hesitated to put her on the bench.
Ability has never been a question for Jasmyne, but her temper has caused her problems over the years…
Hoping coach can get her back on the right track…