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Jason Whitlock is an outstanding sports journalist. He was on espn and FOX Sports for many years.

Great read:


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If you want slanted articles to a certain group of people, that is a great website. It is a terrible article if they don’t point out all the other sports failures with tv ratings. The ALCS just had the lowest ever rated game (1.88 million viewers) when going against SNF (15 million) and NBA Finals (8.3 million). The triple crown races were the lowest in modern tv. NHL was way down. College football ratings have been down. The NFL is down, much not as much as others. Too many sports going on at one time and not as entertaining games. All we have learned is that NFL is still king and the NBA is still clearly the 2nd most popular sport on tv.


Fair enough, that is your opinion. I really appreciated Jason comments. I have followed him for many years. I believe the nba is down between 60 and 75% from last year.
They clearly have a major marketing problem. How they address it is going to be fascinating.

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Across the board? No, they aren’t. You can cherry pick games to get those numbers. Same can be done with MLB and others (other than NFL). The #1 goal for the NBA is to not run into the NFL again next season.


Good point but you also have to look at it with the “die hard” nba fans. Even though the NFL does have an impact on the nba ratings it does not equate to the huge decline they experienced this year.
I am actually worried for Mr. Fertitta. Can you imagine spending $2B+ and getting these ratings?

Since they have 5 more years on the guaranteed tv contract, I doubt that is a concern for owners right now. Its a fun thing for fans (or anti-fans) to talk about, but there are more immediate threats. Not being able to have fans for this next season would be a far bigger hit to owners and something that is priority #1. They are also working out the CBA and a strike would be a disaster. Then figuring out how to get the NBA back on schedule is a huge hurdle so they don’t go head to head with the NFL and also worrying about the Olympics.


I’m surprised you didn’t come out and just give your stance. That NBA players should just “shut up and dribble”.


You just said the quiet part out loud for many who want to rail on the NBA.

I have heard…see look…the NBA is down…and it comes back to a dislike of social justice positions taken by players…

Then throw in…what about China…silence on China…huh huh huh…

Sports across the board are struggling…this year has turned everything on its ear and affected a whole host of viewing behaviors.

I think we just need to see what the long term trends are, if any.

But one thing the NBA did get right, was zero covid cases in their bubble.

Guys getting mad at a league, where 99% of the players are African-American, for speaking out on a cause that is impacting people of color is ridiculous. And speaks more to the people who take issue with them speaking on societal issues than it does the NBA.


Oh crap did I miss the memo where we get to do this again? I totally thought we were still in fun thread time out.

Edit: might as well get in on this for real. Whitlock had found his niche a long time ago and he works it. I have no issue with that. Of course as pointed out his use of stats are selective, ratings are down everywhere. Not really relevant because Whitlock is writing this for the benefit of his audience the as pointed out the “shut up and dribble” or “Keep politics out of muh sports” crowd. Which always ignores that politics and sports have been intermingling for a very long time.



What often gets ignored is there are A LOT of sports being thrown at us at one time or close to it - NBA playoffs, MLB playoffs, NHL playoffs, NFL, college football, PGA majors, soccer, etc.

These used to have their own seasons for the most part. The casual fan isn’t going to watch all of that at once. Only the diehards are going to do it. The casual fan will pick what’s interesting and focus there. That has to be playing a big role in this.


Yep, it makes this fall an aberation.

The only sport that feels like it is in it’s natural spot on the calendar is football and MLB baseball.

MLB is in it’s natural calendar spot and does not have the social justice activism like the NBA, MLB has not seen ratings average this low in the last 4 years.

So to cherry pick basketball by whitlock is disingenuous and simply throwing red meat to his base he has carved out…

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I’m not going to enter the politics here. Just trying to throw out other issues to consider.

This topic is best left off the board though. I’m exiting the conversation. :slight_smile:

I will be curious to see ncaa basketball ratings in time to determine how much viewing habits are effected long term.

Sports with male Candace Owens.



Another thinly veiled political post from Chris? It must be a Wednesday.


Only watching my Coogs play!

Jason Whitlock is a highly respected sports columnist, presenter and has been for many years.
This is another great piece about baylor. You can’t make up that stuff up.

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