JD Periscope from Philly on Friday night

(Patrick) #1
  • At Citizens Bank Stadium to watch the Phillies and Mets and starts off by showing off the stadium. Says it’s his 39th Major League stadium he’s visited.
  • Thinks this will be a good game for the offense to get going
  • Temple’s offense is not good at scoring and their defense isn’t great either
  • Thinks it’ll be 28-10 or 28-13 as he isn’t convinced on UH offense
  • Thinks Allen will start, but King will be in the mix. Mentions that there might be some trick plays or passes with both on the field
  • Jefferson is a go tomorrow at WR. Healthy now after the injury in Arizona
  • Point of emphasis this week was the center snap
  • Wilder out, PCL injury. Probably a week or 2 before he’s back
  • Small is out for season with an internal injury
  • Myres will be back this week. Had a concussion in practice which is why he wasn’t playing last week.
  • Javian Smith is out
  • Carter is still out
  • One offensive starter will be out tomorrow, but not sure who it is
  • Breaks for national anthem
  • Mentions that there aren’t many people at the game
  • IPF update: Early November is now when it should be completed
  • Doesn’t believe that King will start tomorrow, probably will be Allen
  • Talks about his days covering the Astros and coming up to Philly and what cheesesteaks he ate
  • Too early to know whether Allen is transferring, Coogs could be 10-1, 9-2, 7-4, who knows.
  • Memphis and USF are toughest left on the schedule. Rest of the schedule isn’t too tough.
  • Foresees the offense to kind of go in the direction that Levine took it when Ward was brought in and it got reenergizes
  • Thinks the offense needs to take more chances deep if Allen is going to play and stop doing so many short passes
  • If King is on the field, let it loose and go down the field
  • Have some guys that can get down the field, use them
  • Temple will run the ball, that’s what they do. Their starting RB has been off to a slow start this year
  • Temple has 3 guys that can play QB tomorrow
  • Leday can qualify for the national lead in kickoff returns if he gets 2 returns tomorrow
  • K.Williams has excelled in that nickel spot. Loves it and says it is a fun way to be used.
  • Impressed with defense. Couple of plays due to fatigue. Got caught on a tempo touchdown.
  • Major talked to them and told them to be firefighters, they have to put out the fires that the offense creates.
  • Defense did a good job doing that Saturday considering all the turnovers
  • Thinks they’ll split with Memphis and USF and finish 9-2 or 8-3 at worst. Says that Navy and SMU may jump up and beat them
  • Major talked about leadership. Ward wasn’t vocal, but you saw his leadership qualities on the field. Haven’t gotten that at QB yet.
  • 9-2 and a chance at 10 wins would be a success. 7-4 or worse would be a failure.
  • Thought the offense would be better. The defense has done great so far.
  • Alabama now has the longest home winning streak
  • Talks Astros, says with Verlander that changes a lot of things for the playoffs. Says they should be good against Boston. Wonders if Cleveland used all their bullets with their winning at the end of the season.
  • 2nd batter of the game hits a homer and JD boos to fit in with the Philly fans
  • Likes Matt Rhule. Followed JD on twitter in 2015 and mentioned it in a press conference.


Confirms what I’ve seen on the sidelines.


Tulane has a very good D again and there O seems better.