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Confirming that there was a rift created in the Bowser and Adams incident that has not been fully resolved.

Edit: I should add he JD included the entire locker room when talking about a rift, not just involved players.

His contacts at UT say Herman or HIS REPRESENTATION have not been contacted by UT. The admin will wait till the end of the year.

Injuries are hurting the team more than anything. Lost swagger.

Followed immediately by a discussion on how the leadership among the players is not nearly what it was last year. Recipe for the disaster we’re witnessing in real time right now. It might be too late for this season, but someone needs to step into that void very soon. Maybe it will be Ed Oliver next year.

Ed Oliver was talking animatedly to Greg before the 2nd half kickoff. I think we will see a more vocal Oliver next year.

He is primely positioned to be that guy with the success he’s already had. He was pretty quiet on social media last year after he committed. Would love to see him become the recruiting cheerleader Dixie Wooten was. Plus, if there is a rift in the locker room next year, who in their right mind would challenge him if he stepped up to quash it? That dude is a beast!

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Recap: (Damn, JD, 53 minutes? You’re killing me)

  • Will Noble is dealing with a neck stinger issue, had MRI, no nerve damage. Needs time to heal; Fontana will start at center. Noble does not have same issue that caused Zach Freeman to retire.
  • J.Jones, Denley, Fontana, Long, and B.Jones is the projected line
  • Isaiah Johnson is out with a concussion
  • Matt Adams has a shoulder issue; probably shouldn’t have played as much as he did against SMU, but he wanted to gut it out. Was in yellow jersey, non-contact, for Sunday practice. Hines would cover for Adams.
  • CTH began press conference began “We got our butts kicked”
  • Much different team over the last 3 weeks; go from #6 in nation with shutdown defense to out of the rankings, our of NY6, out of conference
  • Asked Dunbar what he thought about issues; Dunbar said swagger is gone, need to find it
  • Given up 115 points, 1247 yards, only 3 turnovers in last 3 games
  • Deshotel is backup center
  • Rumor out of Denver says that CTH is a done deal to UT-Austin; JD’s sources (2) has not reached out to CTH or his agent. With a sitting coach right now, UT-Austin won’t contact. 3rd party could possibly be doing things, otherwise, nothing.
  • McCloskey was asked if distractions were tough to avoid; McCloskey responded that they’ve heard rumors, tried to squash them. CTH has been honest the last 2 years and would tell team. Said that distractions have definitely not heard team.
  • JD doesn’t think that CTH not coming out and denying rumors or committing to Houston is practical. Has seen some in P5 situations that have done that (Jimbo Fisher), but if not in a P5, you’d be selling yourself short and potentially sacrificing millions of dollars. Losing 2 games in 3 weeks could affect stock. Wouldn’t read too much into CTH’s commitment.
  • Doesn’t know when ceremony for Klingler/Keenum will be - viewer said halftime
  • In regards to player tweets (Oliver, Allen): Sometimes players tweet stuff that CTH says in locker room. It’s really hard to get into the mind of 18 year olds; can say things on impulse. Don’t read too much into it.
  • Any truth about CTH telling players that he was staying on Sunday; JD will check into it.
  • CTH said he thought he didn’t do a good job of practicing what he preached, tried to bring in big picture about winning conference and got away from 1-0 mentality.
  • CTH brought up the fact that all 3 losses were on road and caused opposing fanbases to storm field. Going to get the best shot from the opponents because we are their OU or FSU…well, we were, but probably not anymore
  • JD’s belief is that whatever happened between Adams and Bowser has created a divide in the locker room. Has been told by one person that he trusts that it is the case. There is something going on; doesn’t think its the job distraction. There is an internal locker room problem and lack of leadership in the locker room is causing a problem. Ward, McCloskey, Malveaux, Wilson are too soft-spoken or similar and not able to cover the leadership role the way it needs to be done. Previous year, Roberts (in your face), Farrow (in your face), McDonald (calming influence), and Cooper (intelligent) were tremendous leaders. CTH has said as much; called them out after the Navy loss. --JD’s feeling, nothing concrete, based off responses from players and vibe
  • Not much to talk about on Lane Kiffen
  • Lark and Corbin situation is puzzling; Stevenson hasn’t played all season, gets healthy and goes right in and plays well - will play more due to I. Johnson injury. Already displaced Lark and Corbin; indictment on them for not getting up to speed.
  • Stevenson’s speed was amazing; should be a weapon
  • CTH hasn’t made a decision on kicking job yet; Joel Scarborough would be alternative to Cummings
  • Asked CTH about the playcalling at the goaline. CTH was told that refs would slow it down to review it; refs did not do it on the Catalon 51 yard reception. Didn’t think he went out of bounds.
  • Confusion on 3rd down play at the goalline between CTH and Applewhite about what play to run. Applewhite didn’t run the play that CTH wanted, CTH thinks it was because he didn’t communicate well enough what he wanted to Major.
  • Never lost at home under CTH.
  • UCF went from zero wins to 4-3; much improved under Coach Frost. UCF is 5-2 overall against Houston. Last tripto Houston, Ward fumbled the ball at the goaline at the end.
  • Won’t get into recruits; depends on recruit on whether they are committed to coach or University. Be careful about rumors; doesn’t think any backroom dealings are going on with CTH.
  • Thinks contract extension is the most baffling thing; timing was bad. Team has lost 2 of 3; honeymoon period is over. If you feel threatened, you re-up him.
  • Winning fixes a lot; Louisville and Memphis will be tough games.
  • CTH more worried about fixing team not coaching offers right now.
  • No word on Bowser return
  • Doesn’t think CTH’s contract is privately funded. Doesn’t really know answer or how it works. Will try to find out.
  • HTownTakeover has been the HTownMeltdown at this point
  • CTH’s press conference: feeling that there is a lot of internal retrospection right now. Will be interesting to see how they handle adversity.
  • Asked how much of fatigue and being beat up, plus month in “toughest training camp” with no bye week for 9 weeks. CTH acknowledged that he will have to reevaluate it, but that’s who they are so it will be tough to change.
  • Injuries are mostly in games, concussions seem to be happening in practice.
  • Depth isn’t as good as it would be at P5 schools. Don’t have same type of guys that can fill in.
  • Saw Samples, joked with him that everyone always asks about him and he’s appreciative. JD’s article on him got held up. Wants to play, but up to doctors. Out on field with team; not practicing, has to wear shades. JD hopes story on Samples runs this week.
  • Makes comparison to sudden drop in viewers to Independence day counter
  • Media day for basketball. Men picked to finish 4th; women are picked last. Press Conference scheduled for Nov 1st. Does tack to CKS often. Football takes up too much of time so JD can’t get over and talk to them often enough.
  • Again says that he doesn’t think there’s anything to the Denver guy’s rumors.
  • Doesn’t know much about barbacoa.
  • Hasn’t gotten sleep lately.
  • Easier now that he doesn’t have to cover Rice too
  • CTH says he’s committed, what does he do if UT makes an offer he can’t refuse. Fans turn on him; think he lied if he takes offer. CTH will drag this out because he wants people to believe in his Word. Preaches it throughout program.
  • CTH’s “Love” is not an act; its legitimate.
  • Coog fanbase wants reassurance because of Briles/Sumlin, but not going to get it due to situation
  • Talks about last year; CTH said that nothing was going on with South Carolina. After bowl game, CTH said that talks got intense with South Carolina. Doesn’t think that CTH lied, just that timing of questions were off; JD’s fault for not following up.
  • Not going to answer questions about who goes with him if he leaves
  • CTH and Sumlin have same agent
  • Orlando may be up for head jobs; turned down 2 P5 DC jobs
  • JD doesn’t know CTH’s agent, Trace Armstrong
  • Asked CTH about moving Ed Oliver around; different wrinkles to get the most out of Big Ed. Most productive DL in the nation. CTH said it didn’t really work against SMU; Hicks had enough time to throw.
  • Injuries are big part of struggles. Secondary also isn’t very good, especially compared to last year. LBs had back to back games with suspensions; including top LB for the Navy game. Bowser out, Adams banged up. DLine is one unit that has kept things together longer than it should.
  • JD doesn’t follow recruiting as well. Only one on UH beat. Statesman has 4 guys on UT beat; one covers recruiting. JD doesn’t have that. (Me: Chronicle dropping the ball).

Great post, Patrick – thank you!

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This is the scariest crap I have seen all week, and we are close to Halloween.


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