JD UH Athletics Periscope - 3 March

He’s at the baseball field for batting practice:

  • If Houston Basketball wins against ECU, they are the #3 seed. If they lose, they are the #4 seed. If 3 seed, they probably play the winner of Tulane/Tulsa.
  • Ferttita Center will take approximately 19 months to build. Non-Conference schedule will be at TSU and the Conference schedule will be at the Toyota Center
  • Talks about Major going off on Herman in regards to poaching recruits as reported by the Statesman; says he doesn’t know if it was exaggerated or not. Major wasn’t happy on signing day, but basically was ready to move on.
  • Ward has an ankle injury that won’t allow him to run at the combine or any other drills. The injury occurred during the bowl game and has lingered since then. Met with Texans, Cowboys, Rams, and Raiders. Will run at pro day on March 27th.
  • Talked to Kyle Allen yesterday: Allen has waited for this spring for over a year. Allen and Sells are the two healthy QBs for the spring; King and Postma will be limited or miss the entire spring. Expectations are that Allen will be the starter against UTSA.
  • JD will have a story on Monday regarding the transition from Ward to Allen.
  • Says Sunday’s baseball game has been moved to Saturday and they will play a doubleheader. (Note: I don’t think this is true; think that the Saturday game was moved to noon and the Sunday game is still on Sunday. Weather is supposed to come Saturday night).
  • Not much to report on the Indoor Practice Facility. Should be ready by August.
  • Hofheinz last game on Sunday, lots of events and ceremonies. Filed a cover story for tomorrow’s paper (I’ve posted on the basketball board). Still a secret on who will take last shot; Hakeem will be part of it.
  • Basketball team is interested in NIT if they don’t make the NCAA tourney, but will not host anywhere in Houston…will likely play on the road.
  • Michael Young will not be at the ceremony as far as JD knows.
  • Benny Anders probably won’t be there
  • D’Eriq King, according to CMA, will not be ready to go at the start of the spring. Out of boot, but needs to get knee strong enough to go through spring practice.
  • Practice 3 times next week (MWTH), off for spring break, then return and total 15 practices. Spring Game on April 15th
  • WR - Dunbar, Lark, Corbin, Stevenson, Bonner are all back. Allen gone. Says Isaiah Johnson, but signs point to him moving to CB.
  • D’Onofrio hire wasn’t as popular based on what he ran at Miami. Will not change defensive scheme - 3-4 w/ multiple looks; aggressive, attacking. D’Onofrio joked that whatever Ed Oliver ran last year will be the same plays he runs this year.
  • Couple of posters mention Johnson moving to DB and JD confirms it.
  • Need to replace H. Wilson, B. Wilson, Malveaux, Taylor, Bowser. The loss of Bowser is big, he was the edge rusher that could do so many different things. Taylor also a big loss due to his aggressiveness and heart.
  • Offense has to change things up as Allen and Ward are two completely different QBs. May become a true passing offense now under Allen. Running the ball is not Allen’s strength compared to Greg Ward.
  • Baseball still not ranked by Baseball America, Cal State Fullerton is ranked 7th
  • Baseball has 3 strong starters; Mizzou and HBU games were the hiccups
  • Somebody asked if Whitting is on the hot seat :fearful:. JD kind of laughs at that due to a new contract, facility upgrades and the success he’s had. No, he’s not on the hot seat.
  • RB: Catalon was hurt a lot last year, Birden was a huge fill-in that worked as an emergency guy. Mulbah Car needs time and Justice never really came along. Catalon situation is a rumor right now; Duke is not considering leaving the program.
  • Says he has about 5 more minutes (looks at timer and there’s about 21 more minutes left); eats popcorn
  • Says the Coogs have to win the Conference Tourney to get in the NCAA
  • Does go home, doesn’t live on campus. Did outkick the coverage when he married his wife.
  • Tells a story of a writer he was with eat 9-10 brats during an Astros game in Milwaukee
  • Thinks the DE Jones from Louisiana will be an impact freshman. Also thinks Small and Ford will see playing time.
  • Tennis Facility was scrapped, not sure why
  • Talks Astros for awhile - Mentions the SI article
  • WBB coach Hughey is in his 3rd year, probably isn’t on the hot seat right now, but maybe next year. Typically, they’ll give a guy the length of the contract. Not giving him an extension as far as he knows. Good recruiting classes so far.
  • Talks about Corey Julks, had to sit out first game of the year because of ejection in conference tourney last year, started 4 games in a row and then has been on the bench since then. Doesn’t think it’s due to an injury situation. (Note: he came in as a defensive replacement in tonight’s game. Wasn’t hitting well and Whitting went in a different direction that’s been working).
  • Talks about players getting paid; JD is old school and says that scholarship, to him, is payment enough.
  • Factoring in jersey sales and video games, needs to be a fund set aside for athletes, but how do you decide who gets what: equal across the board, or do you give some guys more?
  • Wife is the academic of the family (Go Coogs!).
  • Goes back to D’Onofrio, says he’s got a little Orlando in him, was reserved when they first met him.
  • Poster, Todd Whitting, enters and JD jokes with him that its an honor that he joined the chat and asks him about Julks…no response.
  • Really like what Coach Ves is doing with softball, mentions the big win over A&M this week and wants to try and get out there to do more stories on them.
  • 1st game of Silver Glove Series is at UH on April 4th, April 11th at Rice, May 9th at Constellation field.
  • Houston has won the Silver Glove the last 2 years; trophy was displayed in the coaches’ office a couple of weeks ago when JD was there.
  • ECU is picked to win the conference for baseball followed by Houston. Joe Davis was picked to be POY. Houston hosts ECU April 7th-9th.
  • Jared Pettite is still on the roster, played at Second Baptist last year and is a true freshman.
  • Says 3 more minutes; 6 minutes left on the timer
  • Surprised not more Hofheinz questions. Will try to do Periscope from their.
  • Schedule has not been set for basketball yet for next year.
  • Says he’s hungry for hotdogs because Coogfans asked him about hot dogs
  • Again says that there is no game Sunday and that there will be a doubleheader Saturday. Looks it up and realized that there will still be a Sunday game and the game tomorrow will be moved up to noon. Apologizes and says that it was probably Rice that has the doubleheader tomorrow.
  • Goes through the lineup for tonight. Struggles with Bielamowicz’s name (Bell-a-ma-vich)
  • If you are up tomorrow at 10 am, JD will be following CMA during the rodeo parade. May periscope some of it, take pictures, walk with him
  • Spring Practice begins Monday

Good stuff as always sir. Thank you.

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That is the correct answer. He is a smart man, no reason to reinvent the wheel just let Oliver do his thing.

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Thank you very much for posting.
D’Onofrio is smart to answer it that way. I am very impressed by the way Ed Oliver has handled his role as a leader and performer. D’Onofrio is going to benefit greatly from it. Don’t be surprised if we see some outstanding schemes. Time is on our side.

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@pray10 since we’re talking about coaches being on the hot seat, how about coach Sampson ?! If UH lays an egg again in the conference tournament, is he on the hot seat next season ?

I just don’t see it. I mean, maybe if we end up playing Tulane again and lose by 20 and then get drilled by 20-30+ in the NIT first round, there might be some pressure, but Tulane would have to get by Memphis or UCONN in the first round and we’ll be playing on the road if we make the NIT no matter what so that shouldn’t really be used against him. Even still, CKS is going to get leeway with the Coogs having to be road warriors next season.

Honestly though, with our increase in attendance this year, with the recruits we have coming in, with the new facilities, and with the AD’s blessing, I doubt he’ll be anywhere close to the hotseat. We should also have our deepest team since he’s been here so I wouldn’t be surprised to see improvement.

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