Jerard Carter is a junior?


I noticed this during the bowl game. I was sure he was a senior. I love the idea of him playing next year.


probably mixed him up with thurman…


but ed, jones, chambers, carter, turner, vaugh…if jones and chambers live up to the hype , this could be our best dline ever


I see five DEs and one DT. That’s a problem.

(Mike Higdon) #5

I don’t know, sometimes a faster DL can make up for lack of size.


The 5 DEs isn’t a problem but no good backup for Ed is.


I think Fleming is at least a decent backup

(Sam) #8

Well, remember we had Whitley, Canalito, and Mack Mitchell starting on the '73 DL. Taylor, Mitchell, and Oglesby in the late 70s. Anyway I don’t think Bryan Jones is coming. Nothing official but lots of circumstantial evidence that he won’t be here.

(Sam) #9

Carter is as much a two technique as a 3-4 DE. Ed and Fleming are inside guys, and I agree that Fleming is a solid reserve. Should just get better. Blake Young is also an inside guy. Tahj Brown and Willie Smith could end up at DE or DT. Just depends on how big they get. Brown’s already about 260+, and Smith played everything from NT to RB at Spring.


i dont think its decided yet… you can always see a recruits intentions by his twitter…he is still repping uh hard, started following new uh accounts recently, re-tweeting ed stuff.and the biggest sign is that he hasnt followed a single JC account ,not one (almost everyone on academic risk have a few jc on standy), …im not sure what will happen but from his social media “he” thinks he is coming …

(Patrick) #11

January 2nd is the next ACT score release date. I imagine that’s what we’re waiting on with Jones.

(Sam) #12

I hope ya’ll are right and that we’ll re-sign him. But like I said there’s circumstantial evidence that he won’t be coming. 1. He took the test on October 28. Projected release dates have come and gone. 2. His latest tweet mentions he “lost respect for a lot of people.” Maybe nothing to do with UH. 3. But here’s the thing: We have two 'ships available, right? And we’re apparently planning to sign two of Tune, Keys, or another player, maybe Henry or a linebacker. I’m not sure how we make it work even if he does get the needed score, but I hope we can.

(sarkcoog) #13

I would like to think the plan is the following:

1.) QB - Tune maybe
2.) WR - Keys or Henry?
3.) DT - Bryan Jones or Dotson?


He really wasn’t this year. He made an occasional play but it was a big big drop off when Ed was out(anyone would be a big drop off, thus I used big big for Fleming).
I say this because I re watch all games and we got hurt bad on inside run when he came in to replace ED in Temple game for 3 quarters. In Tulsa game in heat.
Maybe he will get stronger and improve.
If other DEs improve, maybe Carter can slide to NG when ED needs a break? Carter is real good and made big difference when he returned…Chevis never saw field again