Jerard Carter


Carter looked great today and really changed the dynamic of our defensive front seven. Too bad he couldn’t of been available much sooner in the season, he seem to have such a big impact and it helped free up Ed Oliver a good bit too. No telling if it would actually had an effect on the outcome of games, but you feel that it would have been a positive in general.



(John Simpson) #3

Carter, Ed, and Chambers starting DL next year?

(Eric Prado) #4

Hopefully Bryan Jones too


Pretty scary front line


Carter was awesome against Tulane as well. 7 tackles 3 for loss and sack.
His presence would have been huge against Temple when Ed got hurt. And Tulsa in the heat. When Ed went out Fleming came in and we got mauled

(Alan Tran) #7



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Jerard carter is really good. If he can stay healthy next year him and Ed should wreck shop.

(Patrick) #10

Yes. He was a big key to the DL that couldn’t start the season. Hopefully he can stay healthy as we’ll have one of the saltiest DL in the country next year.