Joey Galloway

He gave the UH football team high praise.

The question that was asked on ESPN pregame show before the Ohio St vs Indiana football game was, which team that is unranked going into the season may end up in the Top 10 in the polls when the regular season is over. His answer was the Houston Cougars. My only concern with the team is cornerback play. But great confidence boost to hear that as a fan.


Got a clip or article?

UT stumbled out of the gate. Baylor stumbled out of the gate. TCU does not have a huge following. A&M will likely struggle to be a .500 team in the SEC and be looking for a new coach. Rice is Rice for now. If Tech cannot find a defense, then UH can be the bright spot in Texas football. Couple that with the people wanting Houston to do well in the Harvey aftermath and these are the stars starting to align for a Cinderella story if UH can take care of business on the field.


I like Joey; he’s usually fair to the Coogs.

Of course, he also recently said that Baylor would win the Big 12, so…

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Maybe he meant to say “…winless in the big12”…!

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Here’s hoping!

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