John O'Korn could provide the spark Michigan needs


(David) #3

Happy for the guy. Met his parents outside the stadium before the bowl game against Pitt. They seemed like good people and he grew up a PSU fan IIRC. I hope he gets to play against and beat PSU as a Wolverine.

(Mark) #4

They’re sticking with O’Korn against Michigan State. Happy to see he’s finally getting starts up there.


Somebody pointed out on Reddit that its possible, if he remains the starter till then, O’Korn might beat Rutgers in a conference game twice but in two different conferences. Crazy tidbit I thought.


Change Michigan to Houston and O’Korn to Postma, and it almost sounds like us!


Except that last week people here were comparing Allen to O’Korn!


The Michigan offense is more compatible to O’Korn’s skill set. Allen needs to find an offense that is compatible to his.

Houston’s offense thrives on the skills of a duel threat QB.