Johnson getting Draft Buzz


The Athletic’s Dan Brugler (formerly of NFLdraftScout). just released an article hyping up the potential of johnson…

says he could be developed into a Richard Sherman type of player, similar to him when he was at stanford
note the article is behind a paywall

(Will) #2

all about the height


Johnson has great size and speed. Just needs to work on locating the ball and making a play. He looked much better in that regard against Arizona than he did Rice. Let’s hope he keeps improving. Really going to need him this week against Tech’s really tall receivers.


I have no idea why…

(Brady ) #5

Two things you can’t teach. Length and speed.


I really feel like Willo had it down at this point. Don’t think johnson will be a 1st round, maybe 5th for potential.

(David) #7

Seems like a stretch at the moment but he will have lots of scouts that see him the rest of the season with Oliver playing. I haven’t a clue how to grade NFL prospects so I will leave it at that

(Patrick) #8

I think you’re right. Really needs consistent coaching to utilize his size and speed…only 2nd year as a DB and already on his 2nd coach. There is potential there, but its raw.

(Trent) #9


(Jimmy Morris) #10

I think enhancing speed can be taught. Players can have a natural speed but proper technique and focusing on training your fast twitch muscles can make the athlete faster. Now if you are born with a low amount of fast twitch fibers, your crap out of luck. :slight_smile:


He is only a 2nd year DB, based on potential there is so much to like. Now Johnson has to put it on tape. Just a few plays that show him playing the ball or making the play and he’s a top draft pick. Looks like he’ll have plenty of opportunities, just needs to make some plays, I’m really pulling for him, it will be huge if he can contribute.


Is he a Senior ?


Yes, he is a Senior…


This is more on becoming quicker. Johnson and few others can run a 4.4 and that’s top end. You can’t get faster on the top end.