Jonathan Aku

Makez his decision tomorrow…

2020 four-star Jonathan Aku will make his college decision tomorrow. Choosing between Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Houston, TCU, & Tulsa.

Alan Bishop and Jason Smith started following Aku… hmm…


Who’s Jason Smith…

Since we are already full of commits for that class, I doubt we are in the running.

@red80 Not that I think he’s coming to UH but they have enough room for one more player for ('19) if they choose to use it. Didn’t he just visit Texas Tech, tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UH Vice Chancellor of Governmental Relations

he did just visit tech…but corey evans said if not for the visit it would have been houston or a&m the favorites

so tech is the current favorite or
or he already decided before the tech visit (on us or a&m) …and went to tech just to reaffrim his decision

texas tech, a&m, or us tomorrow…which will make things interesting

Someone getting walking papers?

Jarreau and Grimes will not be Coogs next year, IMO.

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Was the staff still recruiting him?

What’s the trend say on Bishop following players right before they decide?

Not recently. They’re in Italy. He recently followed Jamal Shead that’s it.

100% committed. Atleast from all the recruits. Statistic wise.

So if Coach Bishop just started following him like within a day or two, shoo-- then it’s pretty interesting.

Well truth be told we could use 2 good centers rotating at 20 mins per game. Fresh legs.

Our 2019-2020 team has 12 scholarship players and one walk-on. We have one senior, Chris Harris. So next year if all would return, we would have 11 returning scholarship players, leaving 2 open spots. We have 3 commits already for those 2 spots, which means we must expect one to go pro. If Grimes was planning to go pro if he doesn’t get a waiver, I doubt he would be here now, since you can never predict the NCAA.

If Grimes does get to play, he would probably go pro unless he were injured or had a bad year, of course that applies to everyone. I don’t think Jarreau will be ready to go pro, which doesn’t necessarily mean he will stay; I didn’t think Armoni was ready either. But DeJon needs to improve on his ability to hang on to the ball; as is, he is a turnover machine.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Cl.
0 Marcus Sasser G 6-2 170 FR
1 Chris Harris Jr C 6-10 240 SR
2 Caleb Mills G 6-3 170 RSFR
3 DeJon Jarreau G 6-5 182 JR
4 Justin Gorham F 6-7 215 RSJR
5 Cameron Tyson G 6-2 200 SO
11 Nate Hinton F 6-6 200 FR
13 J’Wan Roberts F 6-7 190 FR
23 Cedrick Alley Jr. F 6-5 235 SO
24 Quentin Grimes G 6-5 205 SO
30 Caleb Broodo C 6-7 210 SO
35 Fabian White Jr. F 6-7 210 JR
55 Brison Gresham C 6-8 220 JR

Have a feeling it will be Texas Tech

It could be ATM but didnt someone say he was going to reclassify to 19 and we have one scholarship open…

I’m expecting 5-6 leaving when the season is over. That’s a good problem to have.

Fabian White
Maybe Sasser since alot are on the train but I dont see it.

Kris Gardener mentioned he would redshirt if he went to UH or ATM so it’s possible but the timing doesn’t seem like it’s UH.

If all those guys have the level of years that makes that possible then it definitely is a good problem because it means everyone contributed to a final four or higher season.

Hinton, Mills, and Fabian I think would need to have true breakout years to really want to leave. But I didn’t think Armoni was leaving either so what do I know.