Jordan Moore

Hate posting about rumors but they’re picking up that he’s been suspended or kicked off the team. No reason given. Poop

Suspended indefinitely

Rumors or confirmed?

Pretty terrible timing for this

Anyone beyond that barstool account saying so?

Damn Aggie

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Yes, the other site has acknowledged and is waiting further confirmation

Huh? TOS posting the same rumor from the same anonymous twitter source is not confirming or adding another source to this rumor.

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Let’s not get our panties in a wad, this is only rumor at this point and the rumeor is suspended indefinitely which could be a day, week, or whatever. I would advise waiting for the real story before passing judgment.

BTW, he is not a damn aggie any longer. When he joined our team he became a Cougar and will remain so unless we are told otherwise by the coaching staff, Berman, or Duarte.


Berman maybe? I don’t listen to anyone named Herman anymore…

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He was a damn Aggie first! Don’t like A&M at all, but I hope the best for him as a Coog!

Found this on Twitter his brother. Texas WR Joshua Moore has a court date scheduled for Aug. 22 for an unlawful carrying of a weapon, per Travis County records. Arrest occurred on Aug. 1, per Austin PD. Could it be related?

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Why would barstool post something so random. Freaking joking… THE DUDE JUST GOT HIS WAIVER SMDH.

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OOPs on my part. I meant Berman.


This was taken just yesterday all seemed fine there. What’s up with these kids hey guys let’s think of every hand sign besides the Cougar Paw we can throw up.


Deriq King is holding up 4 fingers cause his number is #4

The other are throwing up the H-Town Hand sign…

Calm down. They’re representing the city and themselves.

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It seems awfully Coincidental that his brother is charged with unlawful carry, and now he is allegedly gone. Geez, if true, how sad that these kids throw their opportunities away that most can only dream of.


A post on TOS says it is his brother at UT who is suspended, not our guy. I don’t know what is correct, so I say we should wait for something definitive from someone with knowledge of the facts. Remember the guard that was charged with placing the pipe bomb that he discovered? Everyone had him convicted until they found out he was really really a completely innocent guy that did his job and saved lives. Have we learned nothing?


Nobody reputable is reporting this and yet y’all are dragging this guy’s name through the mud over something a Barstool account tweeted?!

Use better judgement. I hope this thread gets removed asap.

Even if it ends up being true, no need to put this out there before something more reliable than message board guy or Barstool account says its happening.


Barstool removed the tweet…