Joseph Duarte's Houston Recruiting chat with 247Sports' Rob Sellers

(Ricardo Montano) #1

(Patrick) #2
  • Waiting on Amie to choose
  • Says that Ezidore won’t sign, but later changes that to he doesn’t think he’ll sign.
  • Says they have 2 scholarships available if Ezidore doesn’t sign.
  • Not much else that you haven’t already heard if you follow social media or this site

(Dan) #3

It sounds like Rob expects Chance to choose us or cuse during this signing period so at least we’ll have time to find a fill-in if he chooses the basketball school.

(Mike Higdon) #4

To be honest, if the kid can’t give a straight answer, yes or no, I really don’t care if he doesn’t sign. That is rather arrogant or deceptive. Now, if he has already told the coaches, one way or another, and the whole thing is for show, that’s OK, but still arrogant. I just never liked that hat trick shtick.

Also, being honest, that Locklin kid looks to be a more accomplished QB and someone I would rather have. But, I’ll support whomever we sign.